BodyRock Stay Healthy Workout Series: Let’s Stay Strong & Stick Together

By now, the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost all of us, but what we need now--more than stockpiles of toilet paper or vats of hand sanitizer--are calm heads and community. It’s important to remember that yes, this global pandemic is serious but world health organizations agree it is beatable--we just need to follow precautions and act with our community in mind.

This community-centric thinking hinges on making socially responsible choices like social distancing, limiting unnecessary travel and staying home when you’re unwell. The Coronavirus--also known as COVID-19--is a serious virus that can have major consequences for the vulnerable sectors of the population. The very young, people who are older, patients going through chemo treatments and people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes are all at a higher risk of suffering the more extreme effects of COVID-19. 

An every-person-for-him-or-herself mentality is not one that’s going help matters and in fact, it’s only going to make things worse. It will lead to emotionally distancing ourselves from our community--our fellow people--which can result in making poor, ill-informed choices and even dangerous choices. It’s this distancing that makes it easy for people to steal masks and other essential supplies from hospitals where they really need them. 

While we may need to physically distance ourselves from one another, we still need a sense of togetherness to keep us strong. 

That’s why we’re launching StayHealthy--a six-part isolation workout series on Sweatflix that requires little to no equipment. Many of our BodyRock Trainers avoiding high-contact areas like gyms, just like you, so they are going to be filming workouts in their homes and sharing them with our community. They’re also going to be talking about how they’re coping with the changes and anxieties.

We need to hear from you too--we want to know how you’re coping--so reply in the workout threads and join us in the BodyRock Insider and be a part of the conversation. 

HIIT Can Strengthen Immune Response

Let’s stick together and keep working out. Moderate to intense workouts ranging from 5 to 30 minutes can BOOST YOUR IMMUNE RESPONSE, helping you fight off sickness. What’s more, working out will also release endorphins--feel-good hormones that will reduce stress and calm anxiety. Being active and staying strong has never been more important. 

We’re giving you the first workout free, so even if you’re not a Sweatflix member yet, you can start building a healthier body and outlook. If you’re looking to become a Sweatflix member, you can sign up now for a month free trial. 


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