BodyRock Workout #10 - Full Body Hiit

Hi BodyRockers,

Milestone workout drop today, this will be BodyRock 12 Min HIIT workout #10 in this new series. Today coach Jenny has you for this full body workout that has a good mix of everything - from legs to core. Getting up and down into ‘Bear Crawl’ is designed to take you outside of your comfort zone, but as Jenny points out during the workout, crawling is a primal movement. We’ve been crawling since we were infants, even if it’s been that long since you last moved in this functional pattern. 

The Gear:

The Workout Gear

For BodyRock HIIT workout #10, Jenny is vested up in the BodyRock 6lbs weighted vest, and she will be using the Pink Thing Resistance Band. The weighted vest increases the strength component of this workout, helping to sculpt long, lean, fat burning muscle tone. You can also wear your vest on walks, when doing chores, biking, hiking or do optimize almost any movement with hands-free resistance. We have the best deal on our Vest & Ankle Weights ever - pick up both today for just $69 (use code: FREESHIP). 

Vest + Ankle Weights Deal

The Workout Video:

The Visual Workout Breakdown and Trainer Tips:

With the exception of Exercise #4 which is intended to get your heart rate up, the rest of the movements should be done prioritizing proper form and exercise mechanics over speed. This workout is not a race. Push yourself just beyond your comfort zone, and do your best to apply your maximum effort to each rep. 

Exercise #1: Good Mornings into hip hinge Squat. 

Exercise 1

Exercise 1

The hip hinge into the squat is the most fluid part of this exercise, Jenny does a really good job of teaching you this transition. 

Exercise 1

Exercise #2: Single Arms Rows with the Pink Thing (25 seconds per side). 

Exercise 2

Place the Pink Thing Band under your foot. Add or release tension by giving yourself more, or less slack on the band. Cleaning tip: wash your Pink Thing under warm water. Give it a rub and scrub and it will shine back up like new. 

Exercise 2

Keep your core engaged (tight) and as you row, keep your elbow from flaring out to the side. 

Exercise 2

Don’t forget to switch sides after 25 seconds. It’s perfectly normal for one side of your body to feel stronger or more flexible. 

Exercise #3: Bear Crawls to Pushups. 

Exercise 3

Stack your hands under your shoulders and square your hips. Engage your core and abs before you lift up off the floor, and keep them engaged as you begin to crawl forward. 

Exercise 3

Do your best to maintain a flat back, keep your butt down and level and use your engaged core to keep your hips from swaying. 

Exercise 3

Pushups can be done from your knees for this exercise. Most people tend to release their core when doing pushups - remind yourself to keep it tight!

Exercise #4: Seal Jacks to Skater Bounds. 

Exercise 4

Make your Jacks as explosive as possible. If the Jack is too much, or you need a low-impact modification, Jenny demonstrates a Jack ‘Step’ that you can do to get your heart rate pumping without the jump. 

Exercise 4

Exercise 4

The Skater bound can be as far or short a distance as you feel comfortable with. You can also Skater Step - or some combination of jump and step depending on your fitness level and endurance. 

Exercise 4

Finis Workout Complete

Congratulations! Here are a bunch of sweaty hi-fives for completing today’s workout!

About this workout series. 

If you are just joining us, I’m working steadily towards delivering a fresh, daily, 12 Minute HIIT workout here that is designed to get you in the best shape of your life, at home, or where ever you like to train. This workout is meant for every fitness level, with modifications for beginners, and ‘level ups’ for more advanced athletes. If you are overweight or obese, do your best to keep moving throughout each round of the workout. If you need to pause for a break, do so. If all you can manage is a few reps, then just march in place - do your best to keep moving. The only person that we compete against in BodyRock workouts is ourselves. Give this your max effort - strive and reach towards your personal best. 


If you’ve missed any of this series, or you want to watch it ad-free, or stream it to any device - including ROKU, Amazon, AppleTV etc, please consider supporting our channel by becoming an official BodyRocker an subscribing to our fitness streaming platform It’s the best way to support the community and the work that we do here at BodyRock. Thanks. 

We train BodyRock because HIIT combined with Strength Training moves has been proven over the last 10 years to be the melts effective workout for fat loss, weight management and general athletic conditioning. Why 12 minutes? Because if you are pushing to your max effort, you shouldn’t have any gas left in your tank when the last beep of the timer sounds. Want to keep going? Each 12 minute workout is modular - stack them up and do them one after another if you are looking to push harder. 

Daily Gratitude. 

The other thing that we do here each time a new workout drops is to take stock of what we have to be grateful about, or remind each other not self identify in victimhood. The last few years have been really hard on most people, and it can be easy to feel defeated. And although there are a lot of people out there that are always complaining, that’s not what we do here. Life is hard, but there is always the choice to show up for yourself, and to treat yourself like your someone worth the effort of looking after - because you are. 

Daily Gratitude

There comes a point where you have to draw yourself up, lift your chin and set your shoulders back. That time for a lot of people is now - and I don’t feel for a moment that it’s a coincidence that we are showing up with these new daily workouts. We are moving into the heart of summer - it’s time for new experiences and adventures, to shake off the dead weight of winter, of Covid, of everything that we have come to ‘settle’ for over the last few years. I want my life, strength, mobility and capacity back! It’s time to move forward again. 

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