BodyRock Workout #11 - Full Body HIIT with Coach Jessie

Hi BodyRockers.

For workout #11 we have Coach Jessie back again. A lot of you will know Jessie from a bunch of our 30 day challenges like the Tone & Torch series (4 seasons of workouts - over 4 months of daily routines) and a few of our ‘Intro’ programs like our 5 day, ‘Intro to Strength’ series, all of which can be found on our streaming service Scroll down for a full workout breakdown. 

I love working with Jessie, partly because we are  from the same small town of Kingston, Ontario, but also because we’ve know each other forever. She has such an upbeat vibe, and is always cool as a cucumber even tho she’s a busy working mom with 3 kids and a hectic life.

The Gear.  


For today’s full body HIIT, Jessie is wearing our 6lbs weighted vest to amp up her overall calorie burn and to build that fat burning, long, lean, athletic muscle tone. To max out your burn, consider the vest and or our 2lbs wrist / ankle weights.  

The Workout. 

BodyRock Coach Jessie Welcomes You to the workout

Coach Jessie is back to welcome you to BodyRock workout #11

There are modifications for every exercise in this workout. Listen to Jessie for her cues and directions. Hold the attitude that you can make this workout work for you. Can’t jump? Step. Need a break? Hit pause. Keep going and push to your max effort. Tell yourself something positive. We love that you are here training with us. 

The Exercises. 

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but in addition to leading the workouts, we are really trying to teach you the exercise mechanics. We are doing this for a few important reasons. First, we want you to be safe. Second, by teaching you how to move your body, you will gain a mind-body awareness that will make you more agile, more steady, and more sure of yourself as you continue to train with us each day. The ultimate goal is to empower you to move - so that fitness becomes part of your everyday lifestyle.

Exercise #1: High knees to low jump backs. 

High knees

Low jump backs

Exercise #2: Touch downs to standing calf raises. 

Touch downs

Standing calf raise

Exercise #3: Sprinter touch downs to flying knee raise. 

Sprinter touch downs

Flying knee raise

Exercise #4: Plank shoulder taps.  

Shoulder taps

Exercise #5: Squat to push up combo. 


Push Up

Exercise #6: Bike Abs 

 Bike Abs


New BodyRockers are starting to trickle in! Every day a few new BodyRockers are joining our growing #fitfam. Welcome! Picking up a membership to our fitness streaming service is the best way to support our channel, and keep the workouts flowing! You will also enjoy the workouts ad-free, and on any device or Smart TV including OTT devices like ROKU. If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a member.

Today’s Positive Boost. 

Today’s message is about facing your fear. Most of our fears start off as little dragons, not much bigger than a mouse. If we don’t confront them at this rodent level and face them down, they tend to grow, and expand rapidly. You might have some of your own mouse size fears that have now grown into full grown dragons that are living rent free in your head. If there is something in your life that needs dealing with, handle it. Handle it before it sprouts wings and scales. And for those of you already babysitting a dragon or two, facing up to it might actually be less painful than living with the anxiety it causes. We all have mice, dragons or some combination of the two in our lives. Let’s take up some of that courage that we are working on in our workouts and splash some on dealing with our outstanding business. Let’s cycle some of that anxiety off in today’s workout.



 P.S. I know that these workouts are new, but please leave a comment for the coaches! They love to hear from you guys.

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I truly wish you had a heavier instructor going through the same issues I am. I would love to see that instructor go through the same changes/transformation that I need to go through. One that could teach modification-only workouts. I have knee and back issues from too many years of running and being hit by a drunk driver. I find it difficult to even get on the floor. I have gained 25 lbs due to a lack of exercise in the last 2 yrs. It’s so depressing. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS!!

PS, The above HIIT class didn’t show any modifications as it promised in the email. :(

Sharon June 12, 2022

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