BodyRock Workout #4 - Full Body HIIT ‘Cold Heart’

Hi BodyRockers,

Today we are realeasing workout #4 ‘Cold Heart’ from our new ‘BodyRock’ 12 Minute Hiit series. If you have been watching the workouts so far, you might be able to tell that we are dialing in to a consistent format and level of difficulty. Our goal is to bring you guys the best daily workout possible, and a training format that will get you in the best shape of your life in just 12 minutes of purposeful exercise per day. 

We have also starting naming each workout beyond just #2, #3, and #4 etc. Today’s workout is named ‘Cold Heart’ - not just because it’s a killer challenge, but also we have always found it fun to name workouts after our favorite workout songs. We will be adding an official Spotify station soon, so keep an eye out for that. 

For those of you wondering about how 12 minutes of exercise per day is enough to get you in the best shape of your life, check out this article

Yesterday we had coach Jessica deliver BodyRock workout #3, a full body workout that hammered on your legs - she also shared her incredible before and after picture with you guys. She was able to accomplish her body transformation in just 2 years - that’s from discovering her first workout ever, to having a sucessful career as a personal trainer and building the strong, capable body that lead us all through yesterdays workout (if you missed it - check it out here). 

Sean is here today to push you guys through another 12 minute sweat session using just the core bands and your bodyweightWe are working through 4 exercises, x 3 rounds, at 50:10 work/rest intervals. Don’t worry if that’s sounds complicated - all you need to do is follow Sean and pay attention to him for cues and modifications. 

If you need to pause for any reason - to catch your breath, have a sip of water, or even just to re-play the instructions for an exercise - that’s 100% ok. Part of what makes BodyRock workouts so effective, is that each of us has the power to make them work for our own, individual needs. Can’t do a movement? That’s ok - march in place, do jumping jacks - just keep moving to the best of your ability. 

For those asking about diet - we have a variety of meal plan options that our trainers follow to maintain their lean muscle tone and support their fitness goals. Sean follows our popular Shred Fast Intermittent Fasting PlanFasting shifts the focus from what you are eating to when you are eating - making it one of the simplest plans for losing excess body fat. 

Getting a new workout series up and off the ground is no easy feat. I want everyone to know, that BodyRock shows up every day from the heart, that we bring you the best possible workouts that empower you to train for a life well lived. I want us to simply be the best at that. Thats our purpose. If you like what we are doing here, and you want to help support our channel, please consider getting a membership to our streaming platform 

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. Remember - we can change our bodies, our mindset, our world in just 12 minutes of movement per day. Come along on this adventure with us. 




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