BodyRock Workout #43: Full Body Burn.

Hi BodyRockers,

Before we kick today’s full body workout with Coach J, I wanted to talk goals with you guys. 

There are 115 days until Christmas, and that is more than enough time to get into the best shape of your life, if you start training with us now. 115 days is a lot of runway before the end of 2022, and the stats say that the average person is going to gain between 10-15 lbs over the various holiday celebrations that occur between now and New Years. 

BodyRock Workout #43

What we are proposing instead is to buckle down and start a daily fitness routine that takes 15 minutes per day, 4-5X per week. When you wake up on December 25th, you will be leaner, stronger, faster and a helluva lot more confident in your body. This is the ultimate gift of self-love, and it’s coming at you at a time when most people are not in the fitness mindset and are just adding dress sizes. Every day that you have to power this transformation will increase your results, so please join us on so that you don’t miss your workouts and you are onboard for Christmas Day. 

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The Workout:

The Workout Gear:

For BodyRock Workout #43, Coach J is using her 8lbs BodyRock Weighted Exercise Vest and her BodyRock Ankle Weights

BodyRock Weighted Exercise Vest

Get the BodyRock Weighted Vest & The BodyRock Wrist & Ankle Weights here for just $99. 

BodyRock Workout Gear Collection.

The Workout Breakdown: For today’s workout, we are doing a 45-15 interval, which means that we exercise for 45 seconds, followed by a 15 second rest period, which you can use to transition to the next exercise or grab a sip of water. Coach J is with you the whole time, so listen for tips and movement cues, and if you need to pause the workout to catch your breath, or practice a move, do so. This is your workout experience - make it work for you. 

The Warmup Routine: Do your best to hit each of the warmup exercises. How far you can stretch and reach your body is entirely individual, so if you can’t quite move as fat as Jana, don’t worry about it, all we ask is that you do your best and push yourself to whatever capacity that you have today. Everything can be improved with time and consistency. 

The Warmup Routine:

The Warmup Routine:

The Warmup Routine:

We’ve started adding dynamic warmups to our workouts, so that you guys are stretched out and ready to train. The warmups will help you with your mobility, so don’t skip doing them. We also want to keep you injury free, so taking the time to get yourself unlimbered and warm is just part of the overall experience that we are bringing you, and you can expect more warmups into the future as we work to improve our service to you. 

Exercise #1: Reverse Lunge with Ankle Weights and Vest. Exercise #1: Reverse Lunge with Ankle Weights and Vest.

Start at the top of your BodyRock Exercise Mat, stepping backwards into the Reverse Lunge. Do not smash your knees into the floor - we are looking to have enough control over the exercise to just gently ‘kiss’ down your knee on the floor. We highly recommend protecting your knees (and joints) by using our extra cushioned, non-slip Exercise Mat. It’s specifically designed to help you avoid injury and the discomfort associated with exercising on hard surfaces and carpet (no one wants carpet burn). Drive your heel into the ground and use your glutes (butt) to drive back up into standing position. Also, while we are here, don’t forget to contract your core on the way back up - might as well get in some abs while we are lunging. 

Exercise #2: Bear Crawl Hover with Shoulder Taps.  Exercise #2: Bear Crawl Hover with Shoulder Taps.

This exercise is an absolute dynamo for working multiple muscle groups at the same time. We are getting upper and lower body work in, plus smashing those abs in the ‘hover’ position. The key here is to maintain your knees in a hovering position about an inch off of the exercise mat. The best hack for this exercise is to press the opposite foot to the arm you are tapping with into the ground, switching sides with that foot pressure as you move from left to right tapping arm. Jenna does a demo, but practice this for a few reps until you get it. You should feel a better sense of balance once you start peddling your feet. 

Exercise #3: Side Plank Leg Raises with the Ankle Weights. 

Exercise #3: Side Plank Leg Raises with the Ankle Weights.

Exercise #3: Side Plank Leg Raises with the Ankle Weights.

Exercise #3: Side Plank Leg Raises with the Ankle Weights.

You have a few options here, you can hold the plank from your elbow (might be easier) or your hand. If your hand doesn’t feel stable enough, come down onto your elbow and forearm. For this exercise, you will want to keep your shoulders and hips stacked over each other, and avoid crazy wobbling by locking down your core and keeping it engaged as you lift and lower your leg. This exercise is one of the ones that fall under the ‘no joke’ category, so make sure that you get set up either on your elbow or hand in a way that feels steady and secure. 

Exercise #4: Bird Dogs.

Exercise #4: Bird Dogs.

As Jana jokes in the workout video, we are not looking for ‘Ballet’ Bird Dogs here. The purpose is to extend out from the glutes and hand only. The biggest fail for this exercise is to have a massive bend in your back, so make sure that you are taking that arm straight out, and kicking that straight leg out to avoid bad form. 

Congratulations, you just smashed BodyRock Workout #43! With 115 days until our Christmas Day Goal, you are moving forward towards your fitness and wellness goals. Don’t miss a day or a workout - join us on (use code: NY22 to get a full year of training and support for just $69) and let’s make Christmas really happen this year for you and yours. 




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