Booty Week: Monday Workout

We are excited to launch into our Booty Week! This is our first workout for you all, and it's completely free! This is your intro day, so you won't be doing as many reps as you will be doing on Wednesday, for example.

We also recommend you take it like with the added weight today. You can do all of these moves with just body weight to start, and then as the week goes on you can add a bit of weight and even take advantage of our steeply discounted Bootylicious Bundle!

Why Booty Week?

You glutes are incredibly important muscle groups. Whatever stage you are at in your fitness journey, these muscles are the larges muscles in your body. This means they are major fat burners. The more you build up your glutes, the more you are able to burn fat all over your body. They are the jump-starters, the stage one superstars!

At BodyRock we believe that the more you learn about your body, the more you will know how to work it, tone it, and make it strong. If your body is a mystery to you, you can't focus on the right muscle groups as you work out. Take the time to read our Anatomy of a Perfect Booty blog post, to understand the three main muscles in the amazing glute family.


Note the Reps! We suggest you do each of these repetitions three times after you complete all 7 Moves, so make sure you are counting! You should be moving slowly and mindfully.

Get out that workout mat, get some music on, and give this one a go!

30 Shoulder Bridge

40 Plié Squats

30 Jump Lunges

40 Full Squats

Note that you can add some weight for an extra burn.

30 Mountain Climbers

40 Donkey Kicks (each leg)

Then: 30 Shoulder Bridge (ie. start whole sequence again.)


This is a great introduction to targeting a certain body part with a workout. The full body or upper and lower body workouts are great, but sometimes you just want that amazing lift to your booty and you need to know exactly how to get that.

Has this workout helped? Let us know in the comments!

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