Booty Week: Thursday Workout

You are almost there with this focused, targeting workout series! We hope you've learned some great new moves that will make your Booty Workouts more fun and invigorating.

Today we have a great sequence from the Queen of the Booty, Sylvie D! Sylvie is about to present a live workout in a Park in Toronto, training people in person how to work their glutes. This is a rare event for BodyRock, and it's even more rare because of Covid-19, which we are currently experiencing for a fifth month. Seeing other people in person, even if it's 2 meters apart, is life affirming.

Watch the event in BodyRock+! It will be exciting to catch a buzz off Sylvie's energy and the joy of the crowd!


Let's jump into today's workout, your fourth out of five days towards some killer glutes! You don't have to do all 5 of these workouts back to back. Every once in a while, tack on a booty workout to your weekly flow. You will love the effect that a targeted workout will bring!


The Workout

Longer reps and 3 rounds today for this workout! Note the gear that Sylvie is using today. Core bands, balance trainer, vest...all can be found in the Bootylicious Bundle we created just to get you working on this week's workouts.

90 Shoulder Bridge

60 Plie Squats

80 Donkey Kicks (each leg)

50 Mountain Climbers

80 Full Squats

60 Fire Hydrants (each leg)

90 Shoulder Bridge  (ie. go back to the beginning and repeat!)

Hope you liked this workout!

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