Booty Week: Tuesday Workout

We are here with your second workout in this 5 day focused series of Booty workouts! Tone up, perk up...that Booty of yours is always crying for attention.

Today we have some great gifs to show you how to do an entirely different workout. Every trainer approaches their Booty workouts a little differently. BodyRock Trainer Matthew here has some great moves to show you how to get your butt in amazing shape.

You don't have to be a woman to want a good lift. Have you ever heard a woman say she could have "bounced a quarter off his butt?" (She probably wouldn't say "butt," but let's be polite.) Men everywhere crave that incredible posterior definition.

When you are working your whole body every day, you can get into a rut and neglect to consider focusing down on a specific muscle group for toning. It feels incredible to have a show-stopping behind, no matter how you identify your gender!

The Workout: Cardio Booty Moves!

This is still a body-weight workout mainly, but get ready for tomorrow because we'll be adding some gear to our reps to accelerate those booty gains!

Remember, do each of these once through and then start again at the beginning. These are cardio heavy and fun, so we have lowered the reps to keep it exciting BUT you should do this sequence of moves:

FOUR TIMES through!


20 Raised Leg Shoulder Bridges

Do this for both legs each round.


20 Star Lunges

Alternate which leg you're on for each of the four rounds.


30 Elbow to Knee Squats


20 Raised Lunges

Alternate which leg you're on for each of the four rounds.


20 Single Leg Supermans

Alternate which leg you're on for each of the four rounds.



20 Touchdown Burpees


And then return to Raised Legs Shoulder Bridges...Ie. start your second!

Do 4 Rounds of this workout for an incredible, targeted Booty Burn!


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Stay tuned for more Booty workouts, all week long!

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