Booty Week: Wednesday Workout

It's your mid-week workout! This one brought to you by Beth (@Bethercize on Instagram if you want to follow her!).

This mid-week workout is HARDER. On Monday, we introduced you to a few body-weight moves to get you warmed up, and on Tuesday, we introduced some cardio moves into your Booty Workout, and increased your rounds from 3 to 4!

TODAY: We are ramping up the number of reps per move, and the use of gear. We will specifically show you how to use our Core Bands for Booty moves.

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Scroll down to get this Workout in GIFs, teaching you exactly how to do each move in this Booty Week Rep Workout!


Do this rep challenge twice through today, so 2 Rounds total BUT if you are going strong and resting for only 10 seconds in between each move, you should be gaining energy by the time you are done. If this is the case, go for Round 3! Surprise yourself...and surprise yourself with the gains you will see in record time!

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70 Shoulder Bridges

70 Plié Squats

70 Full Weighted Squats

Beth is known for layering on a Weighted Vest and lifting heavy with her dumbbells. She does NOT shy away from that rubber leg feeling, and you can see how effective that is!

60 Donkey Kicks (each leg)

40 Mountain Climbers

And then Shoulder Bridges again!

Ie. Start at the beginning and smash Round 2!



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Great workouts.

QueenCB July 15, 2020

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