Brave Enough — The 12 Minute Workout You OWE Yourself

This is how I started working out.

I was a timid, gangly teenager when I happened to chance upon a woman teaching step at a community centre. I heard the class down the hallway before I saw it - this clear, confident voice instructing and calling out the moves. I was curious, so I followed the voice and the sound of feet stepping up and down.

When I looked into the room, I saw a woman in her mid 40’s, leading a mixed group of other women, all huffing and puffing through a step-aerobics routine. I watched the instructor, fascinated by her strength, and in awe of how she was both leading and supporting the other women through their workout. Looking back, I was just a kid, partially hiding in the doorway, afraid.

The instructor noticed me and called out a welcome. In that moment I had a choice. Collapse into being shy and scurry away, or answer the call and find my purpose. I answered her call, and my life changed forever. I found my purpose, and my calling. My fitness journey began in that moment.

Sometimes you need to be brave. Sometimes you need to stand up and answer the call. I spend my life calling out to people every single day to take their first steps. Tens of thousands of beginners have answered that call over the years. This is my call to you. Be brave. Come and join our free support community on Facebook - The BodyRock Insider group. Give it a try. You’ve got this and we’ve got you. I know that you are brave enough.




Brave Enough

Being brave isn't about perfection, and this workout is proof. By the end of these 12 minutes, you're probably going to look like you've been through hell  — but that's what's going to make you stronger. Join Lisa as she sweats it out with you to score an incredible full-body HIIT workout with a heavy emphasis on upper body. This routine is going to rip up your chest and back, sculpt your arms and define your delts. Don’t back down. Your willingness to try something new is what makes you brave. So suit up, because this intense HIIT workout is going to test your limits and show you just how fierce you really are.

Workout Breakdown:

The Move: Chest Press

The Gear: Step Riser & Bar

Strengthen and sculpt your chest, shoulders and triceps with this single move. The chest press is a classic upper body exercise, and it can be done with a barbell or dumbbells. Whatever you use, be sure to load up! You need to be sweating for those last few reps.

The Move: Bent Over Row

The Gear: Kettlebell

Here's another classic move that's secured its spot in the spotlight thanks to its ability to deliver amazing results. The bent over row will work your rear deltoids, lats and rhomboids, while also strengthening your lower back and spine. Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades at the top of the movement to really activate your back. Keep your chest lifted and spine long and flat.

The Move: Wide Drop Squats

The Gear: Bar & Weights

This is the only move that really slays your lower body in this workout, so make it count. Get as low as you can, keeping your chest up. Don’t bend your spine! Your back needs to be long and straight. Also keep your weight in your heels and sit back into the squat to really activate your glutes.

The Move: Plank Push Up + Knee to Elbow

The Gear: Challenger Mini

Moves like this are what's going to turn your core into a powerhouse. By combining the upper body conditioning and core strengthening prowess of a push up with a literal (and figurative) twist and then upping the ante by performing the move with the Challenger Minis, you're getting max gains for your max effort.

Want another reason to love working with the Challenger Minis? They increase your grip strength, which is great functional training for everyday life.

The Move: Challenger Bar Dips

The Gear: Weighted Vest & Challenger Bar Mini

Time to blast those triceps, shoulders, back and chest again -- but this time, in a different way. After all, your body moves across several planes of motion, so to get your fittest and most fierce bod, you have to train each muscle as many ways as possible. The dip is insanely effective. Use your own body weight to start, but when you're ready, load up with a weighted vest to get some hands-free resistance.

The Move: Standing Half Wood Chop

The Gear: Kettlebell

You’re guaranteed wobbling arms by the end of this move -- if you're doing it right, that is. Focus on using your muscle to fuel the movement -- don't just count on momentum. Get your core involved to control the movement and you’ll tone your midsection and score a trimmer, tauter tummy.

We know you’ve got this. The only person you need to prove it to is yourself.

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