Budget Fitness Gifts for Under $30

If you're like us, you read these budget Christmas gift lists with the hopes of finding something that's a budget-friendly price. More often than not, however, you end up looking at gift ideas that are $100 or more. We don't know who's writing these lists, but if we had a cool hundred to blow on a present, we wouldn't be looking at a budget blog.

This discrepancy between marketing reality and REAL reality is why our budget fitness gift ideas all come in at under $30. You know, for people who are actually on a budget. 

From resistance equipment to gear that can ramp up cardio training to accessories to enhance any sweat 'sesh, here's the gear that will actually spare your wallet this holiday season.

Budget Fitness Gifts for Under $30

BodyRock Stability

Price: $19.9 + FREE SHIPPING

Improve core strength and stability while bolstering balance. This ball can do it all! The Stability Ball can also act as a bench for chest presses, flyes and pullovers. 



Price: $29

Kettlebells are one of our favourite pieces of fitness equipment for a reason: they help you build more lean muscle, burn more calories, while also developing better balance and strengthening your joints and ligaments. GREAT for the fit freak on your list who wants greater core gains!


BodyRock Core Bands

Price: $7.99 + FREE shipping 

Core Bands work great to build a stacked and jacked set of abs, but it doesn’t end there. These resistance bands can also sculpt your lower body and strengthen your upper body. Since they’re compact, Core Bands are perfect for people who don’t have a ton of room for gym gear, or people who want to take their gear on-the-go.


BodyRock Pink Thing

Price: $29.90

Help your loved one mac out resistance training with this unassuming but super amazing resistance band. The Pink Thing provides continual resistance for next-level total body sculpting and strengthening.


BodyRock Booty Band

Price: $25 + FREE shipping

Know someone with serious #bootygoals? Grab our Booty Bands! They simply need to be strapped around each ankle, and then you work against their resistance to create a perfect peach.

BodyRock Squat Pad

Price: $10.90

Make bearing heavy barbell loads easier with our cushioned squat pads. They simple encase the bar where it rests across the shoulders to take the discomfort out of lifting intense resistance. 

BodyRock Plate Weights

Price: $19.90

Our Plate Weights can be used on their own or with our Sculpt Bar, BodyBar or Dumbbells for instantly adjustable resistance to help lean muscle dreams become a reality. 

BodyRock Bar Clips

Price: $24.50

BodyRock Bar Clips keep plate weights in place during lifting. This stops sliding and prevents injury from dropped plates. Just clip them on, and you’re good to go!

BodyRock Odour Aid

Price: $11.95

Keep gym bags and cloth gear smelling fresh with this non-aerosol, anti-bacterial odour spray. You can also use it on shoes and sporting equipment for a cleaner, less stinky workout. 

BodyRock Thermal Water Bottle

Price: $10

Our Thermal Water bottle is a great gift that's also great for the environment, since it cuts down on single use plastics. Featuring a double wall, 18/8 grade stainless steel construct with vacuum insulation, beverages can be kept cold for 48 hours or warm for 12. 

Great budget fit gifts, right? If you want to see what else we have in store, visit our shop now. It’s a pretty sweet time to shop, since our Christmas Sale is on and features bundles for as low as $30. That’s right: you can actually get not one piece of gear, but multiple items for $30. 

Shop now!

And, of course, have a wonderful, healthy holiday season!

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