Can You Stomach It? Try This Advanced Ab Exercise!

After you've reached a certain level of fitness, you have to get a little creative to keep the good gains coming. Thankfully, creativity is our bag.

We've designed this amazing advanced ab exercise for people of intermediate and advanced fitness levels who are ready to amp up their ab game. And, best of all, not only does it work your abs, it works your arms, shoulders, hips, and quads, so you get more body for your bang.

All you need to complete this more advanced ab exercise is our Challenger Minis. And don't let the name fool you: about the only thing small about them is their size. Our Challenger Minis can deliver huge results, giving you hundreds of ways to add variation to the same old moves.

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We're talking incline and decline push-ups, agility drills, raised unilateral squats and lunges, pull-ups, donkey kicks, planks, and more. Challenger Minis help you use your own bodyweight to a better advantage for more advanced training.

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Challenger Mini Ab Kicks

This move is easier than it looks. The key to nailing this advanced ab exercise is to keep your mind on form over reps. Don't let your shoulders round up and encroach on your ears. Keep them locked down and your arms straight. 

Once you can hold this position (and this starter position may be challenging enough for you at first), then bring your knees up and tuck them into your mid-section. Then, one side at a time, extend your leg forward.

Don't concern yourself with reps too much at first: just focus on form and the rest will come with time and practice.

Grab your Challenger Minis here to pack more training potential into your home gym!

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