Cardio Training with a Core Twist: Must-Try Medicine Ball Moves

Today we want to share with you one AMAZING way to get more core training from your cardio workout: just add a Baller! Also known as a medicine ball, this ingenious equipment is easy to handle, but allows you to add some more resistance to classic cardio moves. Just grip it and go!

These medicine ball exercises are PERFECT for people looking to get the most out of every sweaty second of training. They’re designed to jack-up your metabolism and your heart-rate for sculpted, strong AF results, allowing you to work smarter (and harder) for less time. (And what’s not to love about that?)

In fact, medicine balls have been used for centuries to improve total body strength, agility, and functionality. We’ve just improved the design to make our Baller easier to hold (thanks to its soft grip construction) and more durable than ever so you can have it in your home gym arsenal for decades.

Ready to train with our Baller?

Awesome! Here are a few of our favourite moves to get you started. You can grab your BodyRock Baller here, if you don't already have one. (They're a great price!)

Once you have your Baller, all you need to do is carve out a little time for yourself a few times a week. Add these two moves to your next workout and within sections, you'll feel the difference a Baller can make.

Medicine Ball Core Training Exercises

We love these medicine ball moves because they target your core as well as helping you improve your endurance. The energy out-put to perform these moves is also wicked, so if weight loss is a goal, these medicine ball exercises can help make it happen.

Ready to try? Let’s go! To start, try performing these moves for 12-15 reps, then when you’re ready, up to 20. You got this!

Baller Skater's Lunges

Training tip: Maintain a flat back--don’t allow yourself to hunch forward!

Baller Burpees

Training tip: Keep light on your feet and when you jump back into your plank, keep your belly-button pulled into your spine so your hips don’t sag toward the floor.

Smash out these Baller medicine ball moves and let us know how you did! For more medicine ball exercises, be sure to join us on our stacked and jacked fitness library, BodyRockPlus, for all-access to thousands of workouts for all fitness levels. 

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