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My therapist asked me last week what I do for fun and enjoyment. I couldn’t come up with an answer. I just stared at her slack jawed. It was a simple question, and I couldn’t answer it.

It’s easy to find yourself lost and disconnected from the joy in life. Your joy. It can happen over time or quite suddenly, and often you don’t realize how much it has slipped away until you can’t easily find it within yourself again.

Self care is so important, but we tend to prioritize everything else. Work, family, kids, a job we hate, people who treat us badly.

When you can’t answer a simple question about where you find joy - true joy in your life, it’s a tremendous wake up call - if you choose to listen.

We all struggle. We are all imperfect. We all feel private guilt and shame and remorse. Each of our lives are vastly different, but what unites us is the struggle. No one here at BodyRock pretends to be perfect. I’m not. I get intensely sad sometimes, so much so that it can feel like physical pain. Like a burn or a puncture in my heart place. I’ve always been prone to a gentle kind of sadness.

Each of us has their struggles. You guys train with us, you listen to our videos, you read our words and I’m guessing that you’ve seen the signs. We are ok with that because it’s real. We are ok with you knowing us deeper than our Instagram highlight reels.

We’ve shared everything from heartbreaks to family deaths, to breakups, injuries and mental illness. We tell you when we don’t want to train. Hell, I’m the ceo of a fitness company and my own fitness journey has stopped and started so many times that it’s crazy. And yet here we always are, ready to show up again, from the heart. That is what this community is all about.

And it’s not just life’s challenges. We celebrate the beauty of it all, the triumphs, the small wins, the moments of compassion and bravery that we all share here.

If you find yourself feeling over burdened, stressed out and unhappy, know that you are not alone. We all feel it too. We feel it and we keep going - together. That’s what this is about. It’s been my mission, and everyone’s great privilege that works behind the scenes to show up and keep showing up - even when life feels impossible. Sean and Lisa have been tireless in this, and under all of the energy, they are also carrying their own burdens and struggles. We’ve never pretended otherwise and that’s what I believe makes this such a powerful, supportive and loving community. None of us are perfect and that’s ok. Your workout is never going to be perfect either - but just like in life you adjust, you modify and you make it work for you. One step at a time, one day at a time, one workout at a time. It’s this kind of authentic self care that makes us stronger and more capable of finding our true joy, because it’s a daily testament to just how capable and strong we are truly capable of being.

My true joy comes from you guys and this incredible, global community that we have all built together. It’s in shooting the videos, telling the stories, reinforcing the love.

If you are looking for a true and honest pathway to self care then this community is a great place to check in. You can join for free here. If you haven’t trained with us yet, I know that Sean and Lisa (and everyone else) would love to have you workout with them. Even if you have to modify every exercise. Even if you just walk in place to start. Follow what you can and make it work for you. We support you, as we all support each other in our beautiful, imperfect, but authentic selves.

Thanks for being such an important part of my joy.

Freddy & the BodyRock / SweatFlix team.

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