Doctors say these are the #1 Best Daily Habits for Melting Abdominal Fat.

Physicians say these are the #1 Best Daily Habits for Melting Abdominal Fat and achieving a flat stomach.

With spring bursting forth at BodyRock’s new HQ in Vancouver, we are eagerly looking forward to the summer. It’s the perfect time of year to take stock of where we are with our fitness and wellness goals, and make tweaks to improve. With just about 2 months to the official start of summer, there is more than enough time to make some noticeable changes to your fitness before the summer arrives. 

Coach Edith leads the Beginner Bootcamp

Coach Edith trains you in your living room for 30 days in the ‘Beginner Bootcamp’ challenge. 

A flat stomach not only looks beautiful, but it's also better for your health. Excess belly fat can lead to a variety of long-term health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, fatty liver, depression, and more. "Human survival does not necessitate abdominal fat. In fact, it may end up being harmful to your health. To function effectively, your body needs a specific quantity of fat. It is possible to develop major health problems if you have too much fat around your stomach. It can make you feel lethargic if you have excess fat around your abdomen. This is due to the fact that your body needs to work harder to burn off the calories stored in this area", Reda Elmardi, a Registered Dietician, Certified Nutritionist, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Trainer, tells BodyRock.Tv News.

We spoke with specialists who revealed the greatest daily routines for losing weight and getting a flat stomach - this is what they had to say.

1. Get started with resistance training asap - here is a free class.  

Resistance Training

Coach Edith leads our 30 day ‘Beginner Bootcamp’ workout series. Get a full-body, resistance based workout specifically designed for people just getting started with fitness again after a break in just 10 minutes per day - follow each workout at home, or anywhere you feel comfortable. Streams on any device. Try class #1 for free here

According to Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D., a board-certified naturopathic physician, weight-loss and anti-aging expert, and New York Times Best Selling Author of Bone Broth Diet, "'Waistline creep' is one of the most prevalent concerns I hear in my medical practise. And it's a major issue. However, new research suggests a simple alternative that doesn't entail calorie restriction or hundreds of sit-ups. Instead, resistance training is used. Remember, resistance exercise isn't only about lifting weights; it can also involve using your own body weight. If you're trying to lose belly fat, combine physical exercise with a low-carb diet plan to get the most bang for your cash. When it comes to visceral fat, the largest dietary culprits are sugar and carbohydrates, because they create metabolic syndrome, which leads to a huge belly."

2. Stay away from alcoholic beverages.

Reduce alcohol to decrease belly fat

Alcohol makes you fatter. Period. Enjoy alcoholic drinks in moderation. 

Former NFL athlete and CEO of Juke Gyms Jesse Nicassio adds, "When it comes to losing weight, alcohol is the worst. Drinking adds a lot of calories to your diet, but the problem is bigger than that. When you have alcohol in your system, your liver prioritises the breakdown of alcohol above the breakdown of body fat. It can cause bloating in the stomach." Curious about how many calories are in your favourite alcoholic drink, and the impact of drinking on belly fat? Check this article for more information. If you are desperately holding on to the myth that wine is good for you, we will gently invite you to read this. 

3. Get whole foods on your grocery lists.

Choose whole foods when you grocery shop

80% of the battle is fought behind the shopping cart. Follow a balanced Meal Plan or opt for Intermittent Fasting Plan. In either case, following a Meal Plan will ensure that you are buying the right groceries that you can use to make delicious, fast prep meals, snacks and deserts  that will help you eat well and shed excess stomach fat. 

Nicassio claims that "Natural meals, rather than processed foods, will help you avoid too much salt and increase your fibre intake. Whole foods high in fibre take longer to digest and make you feel fuller, allowing you to eat healthily while maintaining a calorie deficit. Toss in an apple instead of juice, whole grains instead of white bread, and wild-caught fish instead of lunch meats."

Starting to work with the grocery lists included in the Meal Plan, will make a huge impact on the quality of food you are eating, and save you hundreds of calories per day - which starts to add up to inches lost quickly. 

4. Keep track of your food intake as well as your physical activity.

According to Nicassio, "Many factors can aid in weight loss and belly fat reduction, but the goal is to consume less calories than your body requires to maintain your weight. Maintaining a simple meal journal and using an online food tracker or app can help you keep track of your calorie intake. This weight-loss technique is effective. You can also track your protein, carbohydrate, fibre, and vitamin intake with food-tracking software. Many of them also allow you to track your exercise and physical activity."

* If tracking is really just not your thing…

Fasting Plan For Women

Intermittent fasting doesn’t require meticulous tracking or food restrictions. 

Tracking your food is an incredibly powerful tool, and all the studies show that tracking your progress, be that with your diet, or exercise, is beneficial. That said, it takes a certain personality type to really get into tracking. Full disclosure - tracking is just not for me. I’ve tried. I’ve gone the route of a wellness journal, I’ve attempted to use apps to log food as well. Be honest with yourself - are you confident that you are going to track your food consistently? If the answer, like me, is ‘no’ - then consider taking the Intermittent Fasting Plan approach. With fasting, you still need to be aware how much you are eating, but the focus shifts from what you are eating, to when you are eating it. When you are eating is the only thing that you have to keep track of. You don’t have to restrict your food, you don’t have to measure it, it’s incredibly simple, and it works really well for belly fat and weight loss. Because fasting doesn’t involve meticulous tracking, its a breath of fresh air for people frustrated by traditional diets. You can check out more benefits of intermittent fasting for women here.  

5. Eat quick-to-prepare meals and snacks. 

Chick to prep meals

Healthy grocery lists that support meals and snacks that take less than 15 minutes to prep is key to success. 

Long Healthy Life's Kent Probst, a personal trainer, kinesiotherapist, and bodybuilder, advises, "Look for grocery lists and meal recipes that use whole foods and take less than 15-20 minutes max to prep. You'll have a better chance of sticking to a healthy eating plan. Soups, for example, can be highly healthful and are typically simple to prepare."

A solid meal plan will have grocery lists that support easy to prep meals, snacks and deserts. That plan will also be family friendly, kid approved and easy to deal with. You won’t have to seek out highly specialized ingredients that are hard to find, and the grocery lists will keep you away from the highly processed, extra sugar ‘food’ products that have zero nutritional value and are just making you fatter. 




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