Don’t play small

When you have reached an awareness about yourself that you want more out of your life, it’s really hard to accept less. It just starts to feel uncomfortable, almost painful to lower the bar to what used to be acceptable. 

When you’ve taken that step to expect more from both yourself and others, participating in old behaviours that don’t serve you anymore, or worse, bending down to fit into someone else’s outdated definition of who you are or who they think you should be is just not going to fly with you anymore because eventually you reach the point where it just can’t. The new you, and what you aspire to be simply won’t fit inside the old lines anymore. It reaches the point where you can’t make yourself go backwards in your journey anymore than you could show up for a junior high class. 

When you are unwilling (and unable) to play your life small, something truly incredible starts to happen. You start to make new & better choices. Binge drinking every Friday night just stops being something you want to do. You start making better food choices, because it feels better to lean into your new healthy lifestyle than eat something that sets you back and makes you feel like shit. You stop taking on feeling guilty about taking the time out to train everyday with us, and you certainly stop listening to people who’s life mission seems to be to not only push you down but keep you there. 

When you are no longer willing to play small at your life, you are also sending the message that you not only want better, but you expect better from life. Athletes call this mental process visualization. They start to see the races won before they run them - and when you start to see what you actually want from life - fitness, wellness, a new kick ass career - whatever that thing is, and you’ve decided that you now expect those things from yourself, you will discover motivation and action starts to flow. 

Don’t play life small. 

From the heart,

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