Eating More of this One Nut Linked to Longer Lifespan!

We haven’t discovered the fountain of youth yet, but scientists are finding new, easy ways to help extend your life every day. The latest study published by Nutrients conducted by Harvard researchers found that eating this one goofy yet tasty nut can lengthen your life!

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Piqued your interest? Excellent, read on to find out how to live longer by eating this nut!

Go Nutty for Walnuts!

Nuts are some of nature’s healthiest foods, rich in protein and other vital nutrients. However, there are many health benefits of eating walnuts, such as:

Antioxidant-Rich: Protect your body from free radical damage by eating walnuts. Like toxins or stress, free radicals can harm your body, so you help combat free radical damage by eating antioxidant-rich foods.

Anti-Inflammatory: Inflammation within the body can lead to diseases like heart disease, cancer, or Alzheimer's, many compounds like polyphenols and magnesium can help reduce inflammation.

Promotes Gut Health: If your gut is unhealthy, so too is your health; fortunately, smaller studies indicate that eating the RDI of walnuts supports good gut health while also feeding good bacteria--another benefit of walnuts!

Helps with Weight Loss: Walnuts help control your appetite. In a small study, individuals that consumed 48 grams of walnuts found it helped curb their appetite and allowed them to resist eating junk food. Another fun fact, although walnuts contain a lot of calories, your body doesn’t absorb all of them, so they’re not as calorie-dense as other nuts.

Anti-aging: Along the same track as living longer, studies indicate if you eat a healthy diet that contains walnuts, it helps support mobility as you age.

Aids in Good Brain Function: Since walnuts are anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants, they can reduce brain inflammation. Additionally, the consumption of walnuts can help maintain good brain function, like memory or processing speed, as you age.

Lowers Cholesterol: If you’re looking to reduce bad cholesterol or LDL, which increases your risk of heart disease, regular consumption of walnuts can reduce bad cholesterol.

Benefits of Walnuts: The Study Findings

In the latest observational study conducted by Harvard researchers on 90,000+ health professionals (female nurses and male healthcare professionals) over 2 decades, those who ate walnuts experienced a reduction in early all-cause mortality and, specifically, cardiovascular disease as compared to those who did not eat walnuts.

Another consideration was that all participants at the start of the study did not have heart disease, stroke or cancer.

The study sponsored by the California Walnut Commission's findings centered around those who ate “optimal diets” and “suboptimal diets” — in other words, optimal diets consumed 4-5+ servings of walnuts a week while suboptimal had 0.5 servings per day — or 2-4 servings a week. Here’s what the study found:

For 0.5 serving a day, participants experienced a 9% decrease in dying early and a 14% reduction in passing away from cardiovascular disease.

Participants who ate 5+ servings of walnuts a week had a 25% reduction in passing away from cardiovascular disease.

Regular consumption of walnuts added 1 year to participants lives! 

However, one limitation is that participants that ate more walnuts also tended to make healthier lifestyle choices.

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Eating Walnuts Can Help You Live Longer!

Forget the fountain of youth; to add a year to your life, you need walnuts — lots of walnuts! There are so many benefits of eating walnuts; they reduce inflammation, promote brain and gut health that all that’s left is adding walnuts to your diet.

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