Everything we know about Blake Lively’s Fitness.

If you spent your high school years wishing you could have lunch on the steps of the Met with Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl or play soccer with Bridget Vreeland from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, you clearly adore Blake Lively. The actor has given us many wonderful films, including A Simple Favor, The Age of Adaline, The Shallows, and others. Not only is Lively a shining star, but she's married to another star, Ryan Reynolds, and the couple has three beautiful daughters: James, Inez, and Betty. With all of these accomplishments at the age of 34, you may be wondering how the actress manages to look so fit and amazing. So, we've got some of Blake Lively's workout secrets for you, so pay attention. 

You may have seen Lively rocking a powder blue skirt suit with a coordinating crop top and white pumps at New York Fashion Week. You most likely swooned over the celebrity's purple jumpsuit she wore to the Broadway premiere of The Music Man. These statement outfits are just one of the many reasons Lively has 31.5 million Instagram followers. We have been an admirer of Blake’s for a while now, so we decided to do a deep dive into everything we know about Lively’s health and fitness regimen and see what lessons we can take from it. 

Blake Lively has finally come to understand the power of consistency. 

 Blake Lively with her trainer Don Saladino. 

"I think the thing with Blake now is that she's understanding the importance of trying to be consistent," says Lively's trainer, Don Saladino, in a recent interview with E! News. "She's just like any other person you know, she's a mother, right? She is a living being. Just because she's famous doesn't mean her tissue, muscle, or bones are any different. She is a living being." Being a celebrity does not guarantee any level of fitness success. Nothing comes automatically for the actress. Lively understands that, just like everyone else, she has to prioritize her efforts in a consistent manner in order to realize her goals. Spurts of on again, off again exercise between roles was harder on the actresses motivation, and the start and stop approach was frustrating. Consistency brought a level of peace around fitness - it’s just another part of my life now. 

Blake Lively understands that life will get in the way. 


Saladino continues, "Isn't it true that it's not always easy? As she admits, some days her kids may be up all night or something else may be going on, just like any other mom, but I truly believe that Blake's recent success is the result of an effort to make time and do the best that she can. Things may get in her way at times, or they may appear unexpectedly, and she accepts them and moves on. That's pretty much it." 


Because she is consistent in her approach, when things don’t happen, or there is a bump in the road, Lively doesn’t get down on herself or use it as an excuse. So many people are looking for reasons to get frustrated and quit - especially at the beginning of a new program or practice. The best approach is to keep yourself on track 80% of the time, and allow for when life get’s complicated. 

Blake understands that it’s a race, not a sprint. 


Saladino continues to emphasise the importance of consistency. "She's really trying to show that level of consistency," he says, "and I think that's what it comes down to." "Blake and I both have a good line. If we're going to come into a session, we're not going to come in with a Rocky mentality." 


 Lively understands that exercise doesn’t need to be punishing (or feel punishing), and that working out steadily at a level of intensity that is appropriate for where you are in your journey is the best way approach to personal fitness. Show up, give your best to that day, that workout, and then move on. Not every session is going to be your best. You might feel strong and motivated one day and tired and off pace the next. What counts is that you show up, day on day, that you answer the call to yourself. 

Blake maintains a positive attitude and does not compare each workout to her personal best.

Saladino observes Lively doesn't always have to work out hard, but she understands the importance of exercise. "Just getting in and moving every day is enough, because instead of comparing it to your best workout, she's now leaving and saying, 'Great, I moved!' That is the main point to take away from this. Don't feel obligated to get off the couch and set a world record workout. Because no one will ever be successful if that is the goal. This level of consistency is what we're looking for."

She leverages her fitness to excel at her career and in life. 


Lively has put in a lot of effort when preparing for roles. Saladino, for example, told PEOPLE in an interview that she worked out five to six days a week while filming The Shallows. "We'd do an upper body workout on Monday and a lower body workout on Tuesday. Wednesday was a fun pool workout in which she would swim laps." "Thursday was upper body, Friday was lower body, and Saturday we were focusing on the accessory movers: the arms, the shoulders," he explained. Lively also followed a Meal Plan based around eating a vegetable, a protein, and a slow-burning carb with each meal. There have been some recent reports that Lively has started to follow an Intermittent Fasting Plan specifically designed for women. Fasting is quickly becoming the go-to diet approach for a lot of body conscious celebs, because of the science backed benefits, how easy it is to follow (minimal rules) and the lack of any food restrictions when fasting (you can eat what you want). 

Her full-body workout consists primarily of stretching and strength training.




Saladino revealed Lively's full-body workout to Women's Health, which can be completed three to four times per week. The workout is divided into three circuits: a warm-up (which includes moves like child's pose and a 90:90 hip stretch) and three workout circuits. Push-ups, farmer's carry, dumbbell deadlift, goblet squats, and bent over dumbbell row are among the circuit exercises.

She has a virtual relationship with her trainer. 

Blake does 99% of her training at home, mostly in her living room. While she trains with Saladino, they often do their sessions virtually, or he will record workouts that she streams back and follows remotely. Covid taught us that you can get a better than gym quality workout from home, on your own schedule. Lively’s schedule can get quite hectic with travel, and more often than not, she has been streaming her workouts remotely. Having a fresh, daily workout routine served up by a trainer is part of what helps keep Lively consistent - even when life gets busy or she’s on the road. 

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