Everything we know about Megan Fox's Diet & Fitness.

Megan Fox has an amazing figure, as evidenced by her sheer look at the 2021 VMAs and her Skims campaign with Kourtney Kardashian. She's still killing the fame game three kids later. 

But many people are unaware that Megan struggles with her body image. "We may look at someone and think, 'That person is so lovely.' Their lives must be so simple.' They probably don't think that way about themselves "Megan stated in an interview with GQ 2021.

 That's why Megan focuses on eating foods that are not only nutritious, but also make her feel good about herself and her body. According to previous reports, she avoids anything processed or high in carbs. Megan's fiancé Machine Gun Kelly told RADIO.com on 104.3 The Shark, "She eats super healthy." "On her menu, everything is gluten-free and organic." 

Megan adheres to a diet format identical to our Plant based Meal Plan, devised by her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak. According to Pasternak, she eats three small meals a day and two larger snacks in between. Each meal is designed to provide Megan with the nutrition she needs to feel energised and confident as she goes about her days as an actress, model, and mother. A solid Meal Plan does all the heavy lifting when it comes to calculating the macros and nutrients, so that all you have to do is follow the grocery lists and quick prep recipes.  

 Are you curious about what Megan eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Continue reading to find out.

What Megan Fox eats for Breakfast. 

Megan begins her day with a balanced breakfast of egg whites, almonds, and oatmeal. "We focus on protein, fibre, and healthy fats for my clients," Pasternak told Insider. Megan gets plenty of nutrition from almonds, which are the tree nut with the most fibre, Vitamin E, and riboflavin. According to previous research, the egg whites in one large egg contain about 4 grams of protein. Megan's breakfast contains about 6 grammes of plant protein, so she has enough protein to keep her full for a few hours. 

While Megan avoids alcohol and energy drinks, she does enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. "The worst thing I put in my body once a day is coffee," she told E!

 What Megan Fox eats for Lunch.

Megan's favourite lunch items are grilled chicken or salmon salads - a cornerstone of our Meal Plan. The chicken or fish should be about the size of a hand, according to Pasternak. Megan's small meals require strict portion control. Apple cider vinegar has also been reported to be a part of Megan's diet, particularly if she is trying to lose weight. Megan will occasionally dress her lunch salad with an apple cider vinaigrette or another healthy dressing.

What Megan Fox Eats for Dinner.

Megan will have salmon for dinner if she did not have it for lunch. "Megan Fox has finally listened to my advice... She is now a fan of salmon. She'll eat salmon at least once per day. She'll go get a bunch of salmon sashimi, a cucumber salad, miso soup, and some edamame "Pasternak told Glamour about what his celebrity clients eat. 

Megan's fiancé Machine Gun Kelly only confirmed her fondness for sushi and Japanese cuisine: "She's probably ordering sushi," he said. "My menu is similar to Shake Shack, cheeseburger." But, like Megan, he admitted that he'd like to start eating healthier, so perhaps Pasternak will gain another fan of his Meal Plan in the coming months. 

 What Megan Fox snacks on. 

Megan doesn't like to snack at random, so she'll have two planned snacks per day: one between breakfast and lunch, and the other either between lunch and dinner or after dinner. Smoothies are one of Megan's favourite snacks, and she has some delicious recipes. "Megan's favourite is the red smoothie," Pasternak told People, "which is whatever berries are in season, Chai tea, a scoop of protein powder, and a little bit of almond milk." Megan also likes protein shakes in the morning and fruit at night. Because she doesn't eat a lot of carbs, fruit is a good way for her to get more of them. Megan has a few dozen healthy smoothie recipes that she cycles through as her main snacks. 

 Fox's good genes contribute to her toned appearance, but so does her lifestyle. Continue reading to find out what diet and exercise routine Fox uses to stay in such great shape.

1. Megan does not consume white foods. 

Fox avoids anything processed and white in order to stay in shape. "I eliminated all breads and carbohydrate-containing foods." There will be no crackers, pretzels, chips, or anything else that is unhealthy. 

2. She does not indulge in cheat days. 

Fox doesn't give herself much leeway when it comes to food choices when she's trying to lose weight. Fox told E! that when she's trying to lose weight, she doesn't allow herself any indulgences. 

"I don't indulge in splurge foods." I either do something or don't do anything at all, and I'm doing this right now, so I don't have any cheat days. But if I had to cheat, I'd probably go for pizza or cake." 

3. She eats a lot of smoothies. 

While Fox keeps her carbs to a minimum, she does enjoy some fresh fruit in her smoothies. 

4. Megan Fox does a combination of HIIT and Strength Training. 

Fox has been working out consistently for years, preferring circuit training to long cardio sessions. Megan follows a workout format that is very similar to our 30 day Beginner Bootcamp workout, which combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with Strength Training moves to generate the most science backed fat burning workout that exists. Megan also prefers shorter sessions to longer workouts. 

 Megan  explained to E! "I do circuit training and bursts of cardio with weights." 

"[There are] five phases: a minimum five-minute cardio warm-up, a lower body sculpting exercise, an upper body toning exercise, an abdominal sculpting exercise, and finally, a five-minute cool-down," Fox said of her favourite workout. 

Strength training exercises are also an important part of Megan's workout routine. Fox enjoys traditional resistance and bodyweight training to build strength and tone for the upcoming film role. 

Megan gains power from strength training and resistance training by burning excess fats and calories in her body fat stores - which helps her reap the incredible benefits of strength training for women, and keep strong, agile and lean. 

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