Fake, Fad or For Real: Crystal Rolling for Skin Health

There’s no shortage of new health and beauty tricks coming to light thanks to adventurous celebrities and bloggers sharing with the world their seemingly bizarre skincare routines. Celebs like Victoria Beckham are swearing by the beauty benefits of crystal rollers. This prompted us to try out the crystal rolling trend for ourselves. We went into this wondering if crystal rolling for better skin was just a pretty ruse or pretty useful beauty aid.

Before you whip out your Visa and buy yourself a jade roller let’s give credit to the long history of women that have been crystal rolling for beauty’s sake for millennia. Yes, we meant millennia; that’s no typo. Jade rollers have been around since 7th century China and were used to even out their complexion. While in Egypt, the Goddess of Love Isis was said to have used a rose quartz roller to maintain her youthful glow.

But what does this mean for you? Is this comeback kid really worth all the hype? Does it deserve its place on 2018’s top beauty trends?

What is this wonderous Crystal Roller we speak of and how does it work?

Close your eyes and imagine a mini paint roller, now add a polished and smooth gemstone bead in place of the foam, and voila, there you have it folks - the crystal roller in all of its glory. There is a range of different roller styles: dual-headed (one stone per side), varying wand materials and designs and gemstones options like jade or rose quartz (the prom king and queen of the crystal roller world).

How to use a crystal roller is relatively self-explanatory. You roll it across the flat surfaces of your face - cheeks, forehead and chin or over target zones - under-eye, eyelids and nose. Basically, it’s an inexpensive facial massage. That’s part of the allure of these wizardry wands: their affordability as an effective beauty aid in evening out your complexion.

Why all the Cool Kids are Crystal Rollin’ for Better Skin

Among the most prominent advocates of the crystal rollers, are millennials. Why you ask, it’s been suggested that they’re spiritually non-traditional and they demand affordable, top-quality products for Insta-results. Could this explain the roller craze?

The real question here is: are millennials onto something?

The answer for us anyway is, the jury’s still out on crystal rollings effectiveness. By jury, we mean the scientific community, as they’ve yet to weigh in. What we’ve discovered is it's a matter of opinion. While we enjoyed the cool roller massage - it was supremely relaxing - we couldn't definitively say that crystal rolling lived up to its hype.

By now you’re probably wondering what the skincare benefits of crystal rolling are right? Well here are the three most common reasons regular c-roller’s are rollin’.

Kick the facial puffiness: Dermatologists seem to agree that rollers can reduce inflammation. Using a roller in the morning or before bed can help bring down puffiness by massaging your lymphs which reduces inflammation by getting rid of water retention - for a brighter complexion. For best results it’s recommended you store your roller in the freezer. We’re not sure the before and after results for us were Instagrammable, but one thing's for sure: it was relaxing, if nothing else, and anything that helps us get our beauty sleep is definitely noteworthy.

Increase skin creams effectiveness: As for boosting product effectiveness, most dermatologists and bloggers swear by using the roller after you’ve completed your skincare routine. Supposedly, this allows for deeper product penetration. Did we notice anything of significance - not really, no.

Reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines: Lastly, roll to erase the signs of ageing. But before you get too excited, this is no botox replacement, the results are minor and temporary - if any. A good facial roll stimulates circulation, by naturally plumping the skin to reduce the signs of age.

Crystal Rolling: You Decide

Whether you’re Team Crystal Roller or not, there’s no denying why it’s a trend. Who doesn’t want a risk-free affordable way to achieve a brighter more youthful complexion? As to whether crystal rollers work, we think it’s a matter of opinion. For us anyhow, we believe at the very least that crystal rolling is so soothing and refreshing that even if it doesn’t work as advertised, we’re good with scheduling in some self-care time.

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