It’s important that we are honest about how we feel with ourselves. Honest means owning what we actually think and feel about ourselves. Pretending that everything is hunky dory is not being honest. Painting over our feelings with a cheap coat of positive affirmations won’t cut it either. If you are frustrated and unhappy with the way that you feel in your body own that. Really own it. Say it out loud while you stand in front of the mirror naked. That is the level of truth we need to have with ourselves.

Why am I encouraging you to do this? Because if you are actually honest about all of these negative feelings it establishes a truthful baseline. A starting point. It lets some of the tension and energy out of those feelings - instead of just sugar coating them all the time or pushing them down.

It’s 100% ok to feel frustrated or annoyed with the way you look. We all do it. No matter what I can guarantee you that even those perfect people in your Instagram feed with the chiseled 8 packs, perfect booty’s and perky, gravity defying boobs feel frustrated. It’s human, it’s life and it happens to all of us.

When you start with how you actually feel you let out a lot of steam which feels good but it also clears your head. Yes you don’t like X, Y and Z, but now the door opens up to genuine gratitude. This is your body, and that it moves, and is whole and is relatively healthy is awesome. If you show up with us each day we can start to effect changes - it’s possible to make incredible changes - not to be more like someone else, but to become the very best version of YOU possible. If you are looking to become someone else, I’m sorry but we can’t honestly help you - and no one else can either. Don’t believe the marketing hype. What we do here at BodyRock is strip away the BS and deliver real workouts, motivation and community spirit grounded in reality and truth. So get honest about how you really feel and lets start making strides and changes together - one day at a time. 💕




I’ve never looked as good as you but , you sure motivate me to be the best I can be. I know I can do this because I be been this close till a bad surgery a year and half ago. I was so depressed I thought I had lost me my career. Now I see It doesn’t have to be that way , I can get back in shape and hopefully get my Police career back. You are one badass chick thank you Lisa

Susan Lowe June 22, 2019

I totally agree with you Lisa!!!! We all have some type of body shame!!! No one is perfect but you are one badass chick!!! I follow you on a daily basic!!! I have purchased some of your equipment ( which I truly Love ) You keep me motivated!!! Keep On Grinding!!!

Alberta Troutman June 22, 2019

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