Fit Fam: Try This Fat Blasting Family Workout

Family. They're great, but sometimes, they can put a wrench in your plans to get -- and keep -- fit. Whether it's your spouse bringing home treats or your kids swallowing up your me-time, there's no doubt it's hard to get the body you love with the people you love derailing your efforts.

Obviously, willpower and determination will go a long way to keep you on track -- you can't blame your family for your lack of motivation, after all. But you also need a little ingenuity. You need to think of creative ways to include your family in your fitness goals. One of the easiest, most effective and most time efficient ways to do this is to include them in your fast and fat-blasting HIIT workouts. It's simple to do. All you need to do is find a routine that's family friendly.

Lucky for you, we have one right here. Do it in your living room, your back yard, or at the park. Just do it, and create bonds over a healthy, active lifestyle.

Family Fitness Circuit

Complete the circuit 3-5 times. Perform each exercise at each station for 50 seconds. Allow a 10 second rest between stations. 

Station 1: Side Step Ups

This exercise is great for getting up your heart rate and toning your legs. Make sure their are different levels of steps for different ages and fitness levels. For small children or complete beginners, a step stool is likely high enough. For older children and people of an intermediate or advanced fitness level, use a chair or bench.

For more of a challenge, hold extra resistance, like a dumbbell or kettlebell or don a weighted vest. Just bear in mind having your child using dumbbells could be dangerous, as they could injure themselves. Save the dumbbell step ups for pre-teens, teens and adults.

Station 2: Push Ups

We love push ups! The build core strength, while also toning your back, chest, arms and shoulders. For a beginner option, drop to your knees to complete the push up. If you need an advanced push up option, try pivoting your knees in as you lower yourself down. This simple twist will target your obliques, helping sculpt your waistline even more.

Station 3: Jump Squat

Jump squats help sculpt your legs and build your butt into a thing of beauty. Most of all, they're fun, so your kids will love them! Do the basic jump squat, or for added agility, add a 360 element and turn in the air as you jump.

Station 4: Tuck & Pike

Show your abs some love with tucks & pikes! For more of a challenge, hold a barbell, sandbag, or, to really maximize the movement, try out our SweatFlix Body Bar. Once you have a firm grip, pull it up with you as you sit up. If the full movement is too intense, opt for a crunch or a sit up.

Station 5: Glute Bridge

Bridging is super simple, and it delivers amazing results. Perform it to strengthen your glutes, lower back and transverse abdominis. This is the muscle that wraps like a girdle around your waist, and if you have diastasis recti due to pregnancy or weight gain, it is a muscle that can be strengthened to help bring your abdominis recti back together, and create a more toned, taut tummy.

Perform with one leg or  — if it is too difficult — do it with two. Either way, you’ll get the perks of this exercise.

That’s it! Keep in mind that this routine is supposed to be fun, so try not to turn it into a competition or a boot camp, unless your family thrives on that sort of thing. It’s important that you use this time as an opportunity to get your sweat on, but if your kids aren’t nailing the moves or get tired after one exercise and need a break, that’s cool. Lead by example, and keep going!

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This was fun to do in a hotel room in NYC! Thank you!

Margaret R Butler June 28, 2018

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