Fit Gifts Under $25

‘Tis the season of giving, but your impulse to give shouldn’t interfere with your ability to pay the bills in January. It’s important to keep your spending in check so you can head into the new year with money in your pocket and joy in your heart. If you're committed to sticking to a budget this holiday season, but want to give the fit-freak on your list a great gift, then read on. We've put together a list of the best fitness related gifts for under $25.

1. The Pink Thing


Woah, Momma! The Pink Thing is HOT, and coming in at $25, it's easy to see why it is one of the most popular resistance bands on the market. But it's popularity isn't only because of it's affordable price. The Pink Thing's ingenious design allows users to instantly adjust their resistance, going from light to difficult in a switch of the loops. This is the one band to rule them all, and it's sure to be a beloved Christmas pressie.  

Other great bands:

Core bands ($12.99) for targeted training for your midsection.

Booty-bands with ankle straps ($14.95) to help lift and sculpt the rear-end.


2. The HIIT Timer


Let's clear something up: no, a phone is not the same thing as a fitness timer. While you can definitely use your clock app to time your interval training, an actual HIIT timer will allow you to track your intervals, and it uses an alarm to keep you motivated. Offering adjustable rounds and repeats, two interval settings, and oh-so essential shock and sweat resistant technology, the HIIT timer will keep you muscling through your workout.

If the workout warrior on your list is into HIIT, then this gift is a sure-fire win. 


3. Stability Ball


Help your loved one get a well-rounded workout by gifting them a stability ball. Stability balls can provide incredible full body workouts, and can also aid in recovery and rehabilitation training. What’s more, stability balls are amazing for any level of fitness, so it doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a beginner, or a seasoned fitness veteran. If they don’t have a ball, they’ll want one!


4. Shaker Bottle


Fitness is 80% nutrition, so a post-workout protein shake in a quality shaker bottle is one of the #FitLife's greatest pleasures. Featuring durable construction and a handy metal ball to help mix up the powder (read: no clumps!), these BPA-free bottles are made to last.


5. Odor Aid


Listen, if you're working hard, things are going to get smelly. That's the sign of a solid sweat 'sesh. Letting things stay smelly....well, that's the sign of lax hygiene. Enter the Odor Aid -- and easy, phosphate, non-aerosol, anti-bacterial spray that can be used every day on fitness gear. Use it on weighted vests, gym bag or hockey bags, sandbags, shoes, lifting or boxing gloves -- whatever, really! A 360-degree continuous spray combined with a safety on/off button means you can keep the gear, but lose the mildew, viruses, bacteria and even Athlete's Foot.

6. Nutrition Books

Give the gift of delicious meals this holiday season. Our Smoothie Book, Low-Carb Lifestyle Book, Get Sexy Abs Book and 20 Minute Meals recipe guides are a brilliant way to show you care by helping your loved one eat healthier, all year long. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

7. The Chef Sean Tee


Send the adorable kitchen antics of Chef Sean home with your friend! The Chef Sean shirt is the perfect gift for the avid BodyRocker on your list, celebrating how we bring it to our workouts and our meal planning! Slip this bad boy on for a workout, and your pal will feel the be-muscled power of Sean driving them through every sweaty second.

Psst, check out our whole apparel lineup here!

See? We told you giving thoughtful, healthfully minded gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s bound to be something on this list for the person on yours, so get shopping, then enjoy giving. After all, for most of us, that’s one of the best parts of the season!

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