Flames: The HIIT Workout for Upper-Body Ignition

You need to find a spark inside that will ignite your desire to want to change. Some people find this easier to focus externally. They do it for their partner, their family, their kids. Some people find the spark by focusing on a goal: weight loss, getting leaner, fitter, faster. Maybe they want to accomplish something physical, like a completing a marathon or bike race. Others ignite their inner drive by just being present in how good our bodies feel in the afterglow of a good sweat session, or by competing against themselves to try and reach a personal best. Sparks can come from feeling angry about something, from feeling judged or hurt. Embers can swirl inside of us that are made from many different sparks. Look inside yourself. Find your spark. Write it down. Speak it out loud. Nurture it until it ignites and burns pure in your heart. Use that to get up and do today’s workout with me.



Get ready to feel the sweet heat of lactic acid burn in places you didn't know existed. In five moves, Lisa guides you through a high-energy full-body workout with a heavy emphasis on upper body. These are totally transformative moves you've never seen before. Your current level of fitness doesn't matter. Like all our workouts, this one can be easily modified to meet you where you are. So do what you can. Prepare to feel the flames.

Workout Breakdown:

The Move: Push-Up Jump-Out Jump Jump-Up

The Gear: Booty Band & Challenger Minis

Use this powerful plyometric spin on a classic push-up to not only tone your back, arms, chest and core, but to also sculpt your legs. Strap on the Booty Bands to get extra conditioning for your abductors (outer thighs) and use the Challenger Minis to score sweet stability gains as well as extra resistance when you power up for the jump.

The Move:  Tricep Dip Tuck & Leg Out

The Gear: Challenger & Booty Band

Tricep dips are one of the most effective bodyweight moves for your upper body. They strengthen your chest, back, triceps and shoulders, nailing many of the same muscle groups as a push-up, but in a totally different way that will deliver even more shredded results. But that's not where this move ends: we use the Booty Band and a single leg extension to really engage your hip flexors and quads.

The Move: Running Man

The Gear: Challenge Bars & Booty Band

Here's a move that will not only strengthen your hip flexors and give more tone to your lower abs, but also increase hip joint mobility. And -- because you're holding your bodyweight the entire time on the Challenger Bars -- your arms get some serious sculpting too.

The Move: Lunge & Back Kick

The Gear: The Vest

You already know lunges are amazing for your thighs and glutes, and when you add a weighted vest and a kick back on the ass end of the move, you're stoking a serious fire. Use the Challenger Minis if you want to add some stability training to the back kick.

The Move: Dive Bomber & Pike Push-Up & Leg Kick

The Gear: Vest, Booty Bands, Challenger & Challenger Mini

Here's your final move in the circuit, and we're going to burn it out with a killer combo of upper body intensive moves. Dive bombers will tear up your shoulders, arms and back, and then you’re going to get core-centric with the pike push-up and finally, sculpt your waistline with the leg kick. Strap on your weighted vest to add more octane to this series. It’s a lot to take in, we know, so just work at your own pace and embrace the burn.


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