Foods for Regeneration (the Really Powerful Ones)

A diet comprised of fast food and processed junk will result in more than unwanted weight gain. This inflammatory diet will also put you at a higher risk of developing dangerous, chronic disease like heart disease and cancer.

An anti-inflammatory diet rich in whole foods, on the other hand, will help your body stay healthy because it will promote regeneration. Our cells are regenerating all the time and what you eat determines the quality and health of this regrowth. No, you’re not going to regrow a finger but, quarterly your blood cells are replaced. Weekly, the small intestine’s lining is regrown, and monthly,  your skin is shed.

While all healthy, whole foods will help your body regenerate, some are heavy-hitters in the regen game. Which? Read on to find out!

Super-Strength Regenerative Foods

Eat the rainbow! Studies show that the best foods for healthy regeneration are brightly coloured whole foods.

Rainbow-Colored Fruit/Veggie Health Benefits Cheat Sheet:

  • Orange: Beta-Carotene loaded carrots convert to Vitamin A to support digestion, lungs and skin.
  • Green: Vitamin B rich asparagus helps increase omega-3 absorption, supports the nervous system and protects against chronic disease.
  • Red: Vitamin C loaded supports collagen production.
  • Blue/Purple: Powerful antioxidant to prevent inflammation and cardiovascular issues.
  • White: Rich in fiber to protect against high cholesterol and lowers risk of stroke.


Rich in anthocyanin, blueberries and it’s brethren are your ticket to vitality. In a 2010 study this antioxidant was noted for lowering cholesterol while dropping oxidative stress (imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals) - decreasing your risk of disease. Another study showcased an uptick in NK cells for an improvement in overall immune system health.


This green cruciferous veg is loaded with an antioxidant called sulforaphane that supports the liver break down of airborne toxins and cuts inflammation. Eating broccoli is extremely healthy by decreasing your risk of disease, improving digestion and protecting you from cancer.


The mighty ginger root is more than just a remedy for upset stomach or nausea relief. It’s anti-inflammatory superpowers also makes ginger a mean adversary against headaches and even as a painkiller or for treating cancer. Put ginger into your lineup and get your body working against inflammation for a stronger you!


The magic of mushrooms is no laughing matter. ‘Shrooms are anti-inflammatory, and the antioxidant polyphenol works in cahoots with the liver (which filters out all the crap we eat) to protect the body from inflammation – improving digestion and overall health. In one study eating, 650mg of polyphenol-rich foods had a 30% reduction in mortality!

Nuts & Seeds

Go nuts, seriously, they are so good for you! No matter your dietary choice nuts are a protein unlike any other. Teeming with antioxidants like polyphenols, nuts help combat oxidative stress. Studies show that certain nuts decrease inflammatory markers (by 35% and 90%) and reduce inflammation in healthy adults. While seeds like chia or flaxseed are rich in the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that’s protective and healing against diseases. Seeds also house phytosterols, which when consumed in natural forms (commonly supplemented in margarine) and in moderation, they support your heart and are anti-inflammatory.

Regenerate Your Body Naturally

Eat these superfoods, limit your intake of processed foods and turn your body into an inflammation-fighting machine! Use our new nutrition guide and recipe book to get 70+ body regenerating meal and snack ideas.

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I like what you wrote this diet. From time to time it does not ring time for prigltovleniya and I would like to order such a daily diet in stores

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Love healthy eating it’s fun to make new recipes the food taste so good and clean don’t feel overstaffed feel satisfied and complete always up for new recipes but always look forward to my cheat meal a little one

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