From Homeless to BodyRock Trainer: Erika's Story

You just never know, when you pass someone on the street, what they have lived through. Scratch the surface of anyone's life and you will find tragedy and comedy, the highs and the lows that we shoulder like a backpack so we can continue on.

Erika Sandor-Zur's backpack is more full than most people's. She is one of our new BodyRock Trainers, and the past that she carries with her is something she has to work through every day.

She was homeless and a drug addict, not so very long ago. She lost custody of her two sons, then had to get clean in order to become a Mom again. Her life was threatened multiple times, she sold her body for drugs, and she was sexually assaulted by her dealers.

This is her story.

"Thank God I got back up after I fell. I went to 19 REHAB’s, sold my body for crack, I robbed stores, stole from people, I was gang raped and physically, emotionally and mentally abused, lived on the streets in abandoned apartment buildings. I lost my children, my husband, my family, and all my stuff that I thought defined me."

On July 11th, 2017, I GOT BACK UP.

"I dusted the past off me, and was ready to try again, and be honest with my self and everyone around me. Because I got back up, today I have full custody of my two boys, I am married to a wonderful husband, I own my own company, and I am living out my childhood dream as a pro tennis player at the age of 41. I might be at the bottom of the totem pole on the tour, but if you look me up today on google, I can’t find mug shots any more, it says I am a pro tennis player."

The Physical Journey

"When I started working out again, I couldn’t do more than 10 push ups. I had seen BodyRock on Instagram, and said, 'Wow this looks really cool, and doable for me to do at home!' I had mom guilt leaving the kids at home while I went to the gym because of my lost time when I was on the streets. So I ordered some equipment from BodyRock, and my life has never been the same! The pink thing, the balance trainer, the challenger bars, the weighted vest, the ankle weights, the core bands, and weights might have been one of the best purchases I had ever made for my self.

"I was able to work out with the kids interacting with me. Imagine how it feels, to have your kids witness you doing something healthy and strong, after what I've been through. When I had trouble motivating myself, I worked out after the long day watching BodyRock videos, and sometimes in front of Netflix! Then the transformation started to happen! I was seeing results! I mean drastic results!"

The Mental Journey

"Now I wanted to see what else I could do! Not only was my body changing.. but my self esteem started to change as well! I was Healing from the inside out. I used to always wear a padded bra because I thought boobs defined my body. Today I am able to wear my own size bra because I feel beautiful, truly beautiful both inside and out. I'll always think of myself as a crackhead, because I have a disease and I can't forget that. But it no longer defines who I am."

The Spiritual Journey

"It truly all started with my decision to take a leap of faith, and ask my higher power who I choose to call God, to help me be willing to make a change in my life. I feel that if the world knew about what BodyRock really has to offer, we all would have that chance to achieve the goals we are fighting so hard to reach. We fall short because we are scared of failure. Failure doesn’t exist with BodyRock, because you can go at your own pace, and have amazing people guide you for help! No matter how far down you have gone, no matter how many times you have fallen, we can recover!"

Today, Erika is a pro tennis player, having returned to her roots as being a strong, powerful athlete. She is one of the "amazing people" who can guide you through YOUR journey to a better life. Her new fitness class is an amazing collab with BodyRock Trainer Talitha, and it's available on on BodyRock+. It's called DailyHIIT and you can click below to watch the trailer, and sign up to join the class!


Meet Erika! If you are a BodyRock+ subscriber, we have a Facebook Group where you can interact with Erika directly and many of our Trainers as well! Sean Light and Beth Vukmanic-Lopez regularly post and comment in the the Group, and there are over 1000 people from all over the world. Why go through your journey alone when there are SO many people here rooting for your success?



Wow!! What a powerful story!! Way to seek your higher power to help you turn your life around!! The fight for recovery is insane!! Such an inspiring story!! Thank you for sharing!! I know a story similar to this but from the other side. I am the mom of a daughter who lived the life of being a drug addict for about 10 years. This side is like peering through that thick wall of glass watching someone you love struggle and slowly killing them selves while trying everything you can to bust through that glass to save that loved one. She has been clean for over 3 years now. I know in my heart God was protecting her like he protected you. Congratulations on your recovery!! Much love to you!!

Jodi Dorsey November 03, 2020

Beautiful story Erika, God has truly Blessed you. I wish I had my pink weights. They were back ordered for many months so I settled for black now I wish I hadn’t. Keep up the great job.
Sandra is rooting for you.

Sandra DelGado November 03, 2020

Wonderful story of deliverance and restoration! Very motivating!

Carol Lopez October 08, 2020

Erika, I did your first workout yesterday and loved your vibe and honesty. To achieve goals that’s where it has to start – honesty with ourselves. Good for you in getting back on track. STAY THERE! Looking forward to more workouts 💪🙌🇨🇦

Michelle Jesso October 08, 2020

God bless you. Wow is incredible how you are doing good things. 🥰

Rosa October 06, 2020

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