Getting Pumped at the Park: Your Best Equipment for Exercising Outdoors

We've built an entire fitness movement that thrives on its ability to deliver hardcore results, anytime, anywhere. Unquestionably, one of the most popular places our BodyRockers sweat it out is swingside. Whether they're doing chin ups on the monkey bars or using a bench for box jumps, they know there are plenty of perfect opportunities to workout at the park.

While you certainly can workout sans equipment, a little bit of gear can go a long way to amp up your sweat session, and maximize your results. This is especially important if you're trying to get in a solid workout before your kids start whining about who's turn it is on the seesaw or before you have to jet to make a meeting.

So, if you're planning to exercise alfresco but aren't sure what to bring, read on. These are your best options for an optimized outdoor exercise.

1. Yoga Mat

We can't emphasize the importance of having a yoga mat that's just for your outdoor activities. Whether you're laying it on grass or pavement, it's going to get dirty and you probably don't want to bring that into your home. Sure, you can clean it, but who has the time to hose down and dry your mat every single time you workout?

So, get an outdoor-only yoga mat. Or use an older mat as your outdoor mat, and snag a sweet new yoga mat for your indoor. This is your home for stretching and moves that take you to the ground. Trust us: you'll spare your clothes a pile of wear and tear if you keep them off the rough, gritty, and filthy ground.

2. Plates

Your park gear needs to be super easy to transport, so whether you're packing it in a backpack or stroller, you can't be lugging around big, bulky equipment. This makes your barbell plates an incredible option. They are compact and easy to slide into small spaces. You can use them for extra resistance for upperbody, lowerbody and core moves; thereby enhancing your workouts, building more muscle and burning even more fat.

3. Bands

Here's another small but mighty piece of park-perfect workout equipment. Resistance bands can fit into your pockets, thrown into a backpack or even just thrown over your shoulder for easy transport. All types of resistance bands have their benefits, but if you want a one-size-fits-all solution for total body training on-the-go, bring The Pink Thing.This band allows you to instantly and easily adjust your resistance levels, while also providing foot and hand-holds for a variety of cool moves.  

4. Water Bottle

Your water bottle is going to be one of your most important pieces of equipment when you’re working out at the park. Getting enough water has been shown to increase athletic performance, which means you’ll be able to workout longer and harder, getting better results from every single exercise.

5. The Vest

A weighted vest is a compact, no-fuss piece of equipment because you wear it on your body. No need to carry it anywhere: just slip it on, buckle it up, and you instantly get a resistance boost that will power up your plyometric training and help you build more lean muscle mass.

These five pieces of equipment can give you a comprehensive, calorie-crushing and muscle building workout in the park, or anywhere for that matter. That’s the beauty of high-intensity interval training: you can get big results, with very little time and resources. Anytime, any place.

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I have never seen the pink thing used isn’t it just as easy to use resistance bands ? I’m just not sure what the special reason for that piece of equipment is anybody ?
Linda Campbell July 08, 2018

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