Go Hard or Go Home: The 12 Minute Rockstar Workout

How do I stay motivated to workout? I’m asked this question a lot, and the answer is simple: it makes me feel good. Sure, there are the aesthetic benefits: exercising makes my body look stronger, fitter. But if visible abs were the only thing that pushed me to workout, inspiration would wear thin, fast. Once you get the body you want, what’s there to work towards? Not much — if you ignore the fact that working up a serious sweat can make you feel like a total rockstar. When I workout, it gives me a taste of invincibility: of tapping into a power greater than I thought I had; of being a source of inspiration. You don’t need a platform like BodyRock to inspire others, either. By making a commitment to your fitness, you will be an inspiration to everyone around you. You can join the BodyRock Insider group on Facebook, and inspire other BodyRockers there, too. That rockstar reach — and rockstar feeling — is only a workout away, but you’ve got to sweat for it.

I know you’ve got it in you!


Anyone who’s ever basked in the post-workout afterglow knows that an intense sweat sesh can leave you feeling like a total rockstar. That’s exactly the feeling you’ll get from this face-melting, fat-burning, body-sculpting workout. Sean is your guide through this insane circuit that hits every single major muscle group with crazy new moves designed to take you — and your body — to the next level. You’re going to hit your glutes, quads, hammies, shoulders, calves, arms, back, chest, and of course, your core. It’s the true rockstar coda: go hard or go home.

Workout Breakdown

The Move: Lunge Knee Drive Switch

The Gear: Vest & Challenger Minis

Amp up your lower body gains with this insanely powerful plyometric move. We’re not going to lie: this is tough, so push yourself as far as you can go. What’s most important is that you really work to improve your range of motion. Get down as far as you can. Power up as hard as you can. Don’t stress the speed: nail the form. This can be done with bodyweight alone, or you can up the ante by clipping on a weighted vest. When you’re ready, grab the Challenger Minis. These are integral to improving overall speed, agility, coordination and as a result, your body’s lean gains.

The Move: Squat Jumps

The Gear: Barbell & Weights

Here’s another move you can easily adjust for your current fitness level. Do it with bodyweight if you’re a beginner, focussing on getting down as deep into the squat as possible, and using as much force as you can to jump. Always keep your movement controlled. If, at the end of your interval, you’re not insanely grateful it’s over, you need to load up. Grab a barbell and slide on the weights. You can snag this gear for $50 off if you act now and use promo code ‘LOVETHELIFT’.

The Move: Push Through No Push

The Gear: Challenger Minis

We love this move for total, upper body strength and shoulder stability and mobility. It also provides a solid hit of core conditioning, but you’re going to have to nail the form to get the best results. Don’t use momentum to propel you through this combination movement: use your muscles to fuel every inch, keeping the entire range of motion controlled for max gains.


The Move: Running Man

The Gear: Challenger Bars

We love this move, and by ‘love’, we mean we dread it. But this dread is what pushes us, and helps us create stronger, better, healthier (and yes) sexier bodies. The running man may look easy enough, but this ease is deceitful. You’re going to have to support all your body weight with your upper body, while pumping  — or ‘running’ your legs — up and down. This is going to help you build stronger hips and a more toned core. Don’t give up if you feel tired. Try to keep moving: rest a foot on the floor and take a break If your upper body is collapsing, stand up and squat it out for a second. Get back at it as soon as you’re ready. Challenger Bars are best for this (and you can use them for a slew of other fat-blasting exercises) but if you don’t have them, use two sturdy chairs, tall stools or benches.

The Move: Single Arm Clean and Switch

The Gear: Dumbbells

Cleans are one of our favourite compound movements. Compound movements work multiple muscle groups at once, so you build more muscle, and ultimately, burn more fat, in less time. The clean engages your entire body: lower body, upper body and core. By using a dumbbell and working one side at a time, you’re able to train each side of your body individually, helping to even out any muscle imbalances and create a more uniform physique that’s less prone to injury and can perform at peak.

The Move: In & Out

The Gear: None

You don’t need any gear for this move, but feel free to slap on a weighted vest to increase the resistance against which your body has to work. This will help you expend more energy, torch more calories and build more muscle. To get the best results, sink down deep into the squat and stay as low as you can. Sure, it’s gonna burn, but it’s also going to sculpt your legs.

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Sean has great workouts and I love how he talks you through it with modifications as the exercise is being explained. Great personality and keeps me motivated. Curious if these types of workouts will burn calories similar to that of their cardio workouts that last 56 minutes.

Jennifer August 06, 2018

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