Health & Fitness - Where do I start?

If you are thinking about starting to exercise, a few things might be happening. 

You might feel nervous, uncomfortable and even afraid. This is normal and very common. 
You might be going through some procrastination. Fitness is work, and adding more work to your schedule is not always something that’s easy to get excited about. 
You might actually want to start on your fitness, but you don’t know where or even how to start. There is a lot of conflicting information out there. 
You might feel like you are in it alone. Maybe you are surrounded by people who don’t care about their fitness and or health, and you just don’t feel supported. 
I know this list, because I’ve also felt all these things, and throughout the years we have helped people overcome each of these friction points. 

If you are feeling nervous and uncomfortable, that’s ok. It’s actually a great mindset to start in, because as you start to move, as you practice working out, you will start to experience something else - confidence. Exercise requires practice. Practice to get the moves right, practice to build balance and strength, practice to start feeling comfortable. No one expects you to know what you are doing, but we will encourage you to practice. 

Procrastination can be overcome by simply doing what you say you are going to do, even when you don’t feel like doing it. It’s a simple compact with yourself, an agreement to show up for yourself, like you show up for work. It needs to be taken that seriously. Show up for yourself. That’s it. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. You don’t need to read a book, make a plan and take action. We help our community by showing up every single day with new workouts, new check in’s, new motivation. The community shows up for each other every single day as well. If you need help showing up for you, try on what it feels like to show up for a team, because that’s exactly what our fitfam is. 

If you just don’t know where to start, and the idea of wandering around a huge gym trying to figure it out sounds horrible, we have a perfect starting place for you. It’s our 30 day Beginner Bootcamp. It starts with basic moves that you can actually do. It’s designed to get you up and moving again, and it’s free to try for a month. No gym anywhere is going to let you workout for free with a tailored program lead by a trainer. You can also skip the gym, because our workouts play on your TV, computer, tablet or phone. It works anywhere, which means you can crack off a workout in an oversized t-shirt in your living room or anywhere else that is convenient. 

If you feel alone, you are not. Come over to our private Facebook community. It’s full of real women, all ages, all fitness levels, all part of the BodyRock team. It’s one of the most positive, supportive and encouraging groups ever and we would love to welcome you. 

The point is, no matter what you think is holding you back, we’ve got you covered. We even have free shipping on our gear today to help you get started. Let’s do this together. 

The BodyRock Team.

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