Hello From The Other Side: Our Response To The Birthday Pic

Adele did not have to lose weight. Sure, there are health reasons and physical comfort reasons, but at no point did a media network, for example, tell her to slim down for the cameras, as countless women (and a handful of men) have been told. Her record label didn’t need her to lose weight. She has been open about her vocal hemorrhage, and her feelings about her diet and workouts, so if a doctor had told her she had to lose weight, we can assume she would have been open about that too. 

So why would an Academy Award-winning artist, whose albums have all gone Platinum immediately upon release, who is adored throughout the world, make the incredible effort to lose almost 100 lbs?

Put yourself in Adele’s (sleek!) high heels for a moment.

Imagine a woman who has been career-focused and has found the success she sought. Imagine leaving your husband, once you are at the top, and taking an almost 2 year break from the public eye. Then this pic, above, on her 32nd birthday: a kind of coming out photo, to show her transformation. We could contribute the time away to her vocal hemorrhage alone, but...all of this is evidence of a journey that very few people will ever go through. 

Our best guess is this: Adele stood at the top of her monumental career and thought, What’s my next challenge?

People who have accomplished greatness in their lifetime exhibit a few common personality traits. You will find a kind of restless energy among them; the vibration of a mind constantly in motion. Growth is not a goal for people like Adele, it’s a way of life. 

Adele clearly took time away from the public eye because she was working through a period of change and growth. No, we do not mean that she emerged more beautiful, like a butterfly from a chrysalis, because she lost weight. She was drop-dead gorgeous before the weight loss.

Losing weight is just a byproduct of about a dozen other life changes.  

The main change, as Adele herself has attested, is eating healthier, which means sleeping better, feeling more calm and grounded, and feeling more energetic. In addition, she made a change to her routines, and started working out. This means excess hormones and toxins started leaving her body, leaving her feeling refreshed and giving her mental clarity. All of this would make Adele feel lighter, happier and more joyful. In that sense, a truly revolutionary way to look at weight loss is to see it as a by-product of becoming happier.

To summarize our position on Adele’s weight loss pic: we applaud her! But not for looking better. We applaud her transformation. At BodyRock, we have a saying that is common to read on posts and comments:

“You should see me on the inside!”

We applaud Adele for the internal journey she has been through. This journey just happens to be clearly visible from her outside appearance as well. 

If you are thinking of taking a similar journey, we have a Meal Plan, which our BodyRockers have told us led to weight loss of around 30lbs in just the first three weeks. To optimize the weight loss, and to increase those happy endorphins, get onto a series such as our Start Strong series in BodyRock+.


On this platform you’ll find workout series and bootcamps for beginners, intermediate level and advanced fitness stars! 


We won’t tell you that every meal you eat will be fantastic. We think they are but every palette is different, and every day is different. Some healthy meals might be boring. Some days you won’t want to work out. Some days you will cheat on your diet and skip a workout and feel like crap. That’s ok. That’s all part of it. It’s what you do the next day that counts. Adele herself has said as much, but clearly she did not give up for good. She developed new habits, which led to what seems to be the end of her "hiding" period.

What we actually need to celebrate is not Adele’s weight loss. It’s the fact that she posted the pic at all.

Welcome back, you beauty!


This article was a clickbait joke. Did a 5th grader write this? Don’t send this garbage to me thank you.

GRACE May 20, 2020

I read the whole story here and I have to say wtf? This was a complete waste of my time reading this and I can’t for the life of me understand why it was even written. I kept saying the whole time as I was reading this- this does not sound like anything bodyrock would even write. I’m blown away by how awful this writing was. 🙄

Nancy May 17, 2020

Your new writers are horrible. Maybe hire someone outside of your family members who actually has some kind of experience. Your downward spiral is increasing daily. Article was stupid

Cathy May 16, 2020

The lamest attempt at selling a meal plan ever. Unsubscribed.
PS – Lisa was the heart and soul of Bodyrock.

Patrick May 15, 2020

Insightful information.Article tells us simply that a shift in focus to our inner health is what ultimately shows on the exterior.

Tamra May 15, 2020

Great article, I love it.

Amy May 15, 2020

Great article, I love it.

Amy May 15, 2020

Brilliant! I think the other commenters only read your headline and not the article. I applaud your attitude, and lack of judgement. There are people of all sizes utilizing bodyrock to stay in shape, and not all are looking to be fitness model material. We just want to feel fit and healthy.

Cammy Kuhl May 15, 2020

Complete and total garbage! Shame on you all at BodyRock!

Cindy May 15, 2020

I have followed BodyRock for a long time. But this article is not about what I thought you all represented. May need to rethink what you are saying in this article. Everyone’s journey is IMPORTANT and UNIQUE to each individual. Do not judge because she is in public eye. It has caused you to be judged for this article.

Lindz May 15, 2020

Bodyrock has gone downhill since zuzuka left and Freddy turned into a dillweed and got plastic surgery. Good for Adele. Haters gon hate

Dumb May 15, 2020

Please don’t send me crap like this. Not sure why there was a need to judge her. I don’t come to this site for poor attempts at gossip. Plus the way the article was written was a bit strange.

Anna May 15, 2020

Wow…what a bunch of garbage this article is. I’m incredibly irritated by this as I look at my Body Rock equipment that I’ve purchased. Looks like Bowflex just got a new customer.

Melissa May 15, 2020

I have to agree with the comments above. I didn’t really see the point of your piece. It is not for us to judge others on their journeys and why they took them and why they choose to share.
The article is written in a really weird way that makes no sense. Adele does not need our or your affirmation of weight loss or life changes. It is not for us to decide what makes other happy or fulfilled.
Really weird and disappointing piece BR.

Laurissa May 15, 2020

This is clickbait. If you really didn’t want to comment on Adele’s weight you wouldn’t have. It’s none of your business what Adele does with her body, or any woman does with her body. This is a lame attempt to say you don’t care about the scale and then sell your weightloss meal plan. Nice job co-opting her hard work. Hard pass.

Elizabeth May 15, 2020

please don’t send me e-mail with crap like this..

Peter May 15, 2020

Why don’t you mind your own business and let women do whatever they want with their bodies and stop judging us.

Megan May 15, 2020

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