Here’s What No One Tells You When You Start to Workout

Before you even break your first exercise induced sweat, you've been made a lot of promises. You're told exercise will make you feel amazing. You're told it's addictive. You're told it will reshape your whole life, mind, body and soul. You're told that exercise will make you look younger, increase your sex drive and sex appeal. You're told that if you exercise at least three days a week, you'll never have to pay your taxes again. OK, maybe not that last one, but you're promised a lot when you begin your foray into fitness, and let's face it: it paints a pretty enticing picture. It also paints a pretty far-fetched picture: far-fetched, but also, absolutely true. Exercising will do all of these things.

In other words, the hype is real. It's real, but there is another side to the hype. One that's not so much more disheartening, as more inclusive. Specifically, more inclusive of the crappy element of rising to a new challenge. Sure, it’s empowering as hell, but only after you've waded through a heap of denial, self-doubt and a self-deprecating dialogue that would make Amy Schumer look like a motivational speaker.

The beginning: it can suck.

That's what we want to tell you. It may seem strange coming from us, since, you know, we're all about fitness and health and pushing past challenges to reveal our best possible selves. This said, learning to spend time outside your comfort zone is not something many people are born knowing how to do. What’s more, just about no one is born liking it. After all, it’s against our survival instinct to want to feel uncomfortable.

Learning to love the HIIT zone we call home comes over time. It comes when you start to see the undeniable and unbelievable gains that come with challenging your body and brain on the regular.  That's when the magic happens: that spark that ignites and you know that you want this new way of life to be your only way of life. When exactly this happens is different for everyone, because we're not talking about falling in love with the instant high that comes after exercise. Sure, that high helps power the motivation, but it’s fleeting. We're talking about falling in love with the whole way of life: how every single moment of your existence becomes a little more charged, a little more significant  — all thanks to working out.

We shit you not. This can happen.

But, if you've never worked out a day in your life and are just starting, it won’t happen right away. In fact, you may very well hate it.

You read that right: you may hate working out. We're not supposed to admit that, right? We're supposed to tell you it's all sunshine and 6-packs. That's what so many fitness pros use to sell the dream: This is fun! Look at us! We're having fun and we're happy and successful and sexy AF and don't you want our lives?!

That's never really been our bag. We want to give it to you honestly, because you're always honest with us. We want to write this for all the people who stop working out because they drank the kool-aid, and they still didn't catch the high. We want to write it for the people who gave up because they thought there was something intrinsically wrong with them for not liking working out. We want to say this: there is nothing wrong with you. There is something deeply wrong with a system that tells you that you have to feel a certain way about a very personal (even painful) experience, or you're not cut out for it. You're out of the club. You're not allowed to hang with them.

We want to say you're always allowed to hang with us. Even if you don't like it at first. Hell, especially if you don't like it at first. You're allowed to tell us you worked out, and it was hard and it sucked and you hurt and don't want to show up to do it again tomorrow. We'll tell you, yes it was. Yeah, it does. And we'll tell you that whether or not you want to show up to train with us tomorrow, we'll show up to train for you. 'Cause that's what #fitfam does.

If you’re vibing with what we’re saying, we encourage you to join our BodyRock Insider’s Group on Facebook. This is where we gather to seek solace, advice and support from our community. It’s for everyone, of every fitness level. Even if you don’t have a fitness level right now and aren’t sure when you will. Come hang with us.


Thanks so much for making an article that everyone can relate to! All so true and it’s nice to hear confirmation that we’ll make it through lol 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Amanda September 04, 2018

I started this healthy life style change in August of 2012 and at the age of 38 I have days will my mind and my body are at odds. Like this morning, I wanted to sleep in. I wanted to wait until I got home to work out but my mind would not let me sleep and my body was ready for a 6am workout. But I had noooo sleep the night before. I tossed and turn. But when I worked out, I had a burst of energy. I hated the workout because it kicked my butt and I know tomorrow I’m going to hate the next one. Exercising is a love hate relationship

Mikasha September 04, 2018

Awesome stuff! It really helps knowing that I’m not alone out there in this struggle. I used to love working out, when I was fit- now that I’ve had 3 kids and I’m older it’s definitely harder mentally. The shorter workouts help me push through mentally to get ’er done (most of the time) but there are still those days when the depression is more powerful and I question why my goal of fitness was so important anyway. Knowing that you acknowledge that struggle really helps me want to stick with it having the hope that I will start to love myself, and working out again.

Alex September 04, 2018

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