How a Real woman found motivation

I was starting out in a place where those around me didn’t share the lifestyle or desire to workout. No one around me seemed to care that I wanted things to change and my life to be different. I think maybe no one put up much of a fuss, because no one expected me to stick with it.

What happened next was interesting. After I joined the community group that you guys had, I lurked for a while. I’m not someone that gets a lot of inspiration out of looking at perfect fitness models on Instagram. Sure it’s motivating, but I would rather see real people getting results and make changes happen. I’m not trying to be a model. My goal was to learn to workout, adopt a healthier approach to life and if I’m honest - drop the extra 15-20 lbs I’ve been carrying since my late twenties (I’m 36). 

Seeing the women in the community posting their pictures and supporting each other impacted me in a way that I didn’t expect. It was like discovering this island of people that were authentically making changes happen by doing the work. And what’s more, they seemed to really enjoy the workouts, even when they struggled, and even when they were difficult. 

That’s what hooked me. The celebration of the effort to show up and get it done. I never enjoyed exercise enough to stick with it, but these women actually liked the discomfort, the challenge, the aches and the sweat. They were having fun with it and seem to absolutely thrive by the sheer challenge of it each day. 

That’s what got me. How could working out feel that good? Because it did feel good for these women. You could see it. They were giving off what could only be described as a post-sex glow lol. It never felt good when I tried it at the gym. It was a battle just to get there most of the time and let here they were radiating pleasure and confidence. 

Here are all of these women, working out together from all over the place, encouraging and supporting each other and checking in, getting stronger and leaner by the day. Most people don’t have this kind of support system to back them up and keep them going and I wanted in.

My BodyRock workout is now part of my day. It’s anywhere from 12 minutes to 45-50 minutes, depending on the class streaming that day. Sometimes if I know I’m pressed at work or at home I will choose one of my old favourites that are 20 minutes long. I have a playlist of my favourites so it’s easy. 

Having the community support keeps me totally engaged. These women are real life badasses. They are killing it everyday and now I’m part of that. There is a lot of motivational power in that. There is a lot of pleasure in that, and loving the way you feel when you train, after you train and when you are connecting after your workout is the best way that I’ve ever found of staying with it and really changing your life. Give it a go.

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