19 Awesome Balance Trainer Moves To Light Up Your Core, Legs and Butt.

The Balance Trainer is a great addition to any home gym or exercise area. It's a highly dynamic tool that can be used facing up or facing down - making it both a wobble board and a more stable and practical alternative to the traditional stability ball. In terms of versatility, the Balance Trainer can also be used as a workout bench, using the dome side up for chest presses, shoulder work and a variety of other movements and exercises. 

Did you know? 96% of North American personal trainers offer Balance Trainer training as an option. That’s a lot of confidence in one piece of gear. 

Balance Trainer Exercises

Is the Balance Trainer for me? 

One of the reasons that virtually all personal trainers use or case use a Balance Trainer with their clients, is that it creates a continual instability that engages different muscle groups and enhances every exercise that you pair it with. The Balance Trainer is great for everyone, from the pro-athlete, to the home fitness enthusiast because what the Balance Trainer will improve, is important to all fitness levels and goals, things like: stability, balance, agility, and increased muscle activation. 

Pro Tip: It’s Adjustable for your fitness level. 

You can adjust the stability by adjusting the amount of air that you inflate it with. 

There are an insane amount of exercises to try.

Check out this video with BodyRock coach Lisa D. demonstrating 19 Balance Trainer exercises for the core, legs and butt. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the versatility and range of exercises that you can bring home with the Balance Trainer.  

Improved balance.

Start slowly, standing on the dome of the Balance Trainer with the flat side down. Get a feel for how your body responds to the instability offered by the curved surface. Quest out with your arms to help stabilize. Congratulations - you’ve just achieved a greater amount of muscle engagement - including in your core. 

Improved body awareness and coordination. 

You will develop a much better sense of how your body moves, and where possible imbalances in your strength and body alignment are. The Balance Trainer helps you develop an awareness of your body mechanics - particularly your flexibility and mobility. You will feel areas that need to be stretched out and warmed up - this awareness is underdeveloped in most of us, even if we’ve been training for years. This self-knowledge can help us avoid injury. 

Better Core engagement.

The dynamic instability that the Balance Trainer creates, forces the body to contract the core in an attempt to keep you balanced. You will hear good trainers reminding their clients to engage their core areas when training - it’s often something that most of us forget to do when we are exercising, because we are just trying to get through the movement. When you do that same exercise and pair it up with the Balance Trainer, your Body automatically locks down your core and keeps it engaged as you shift around to maintain balance. We should have named this thing the core trainer. 

Pro Tip: The rounded dome of the Balance Trainer offers the best support possible for most floor based core and abdominal exercises. 

Take your workout to the next level. 

If you feel like your current routine has hit a plateau and you aren't seeing or feeling the gains, it might be time to shift up a gear and get out of your comfort zone. Ask yourself - when was the last time that you invested in a new challenge? If you have mastered your favourite exercises, try adding the Balance Trainer. I can guarantee that you will be facing a whole new set of challenges that will kick start your fitness journey again. Keeping things challenging will keep things changing - and change in fitness (be it your body, mind or even just your enjoyment) is what powers consistency and motivation. 

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