How Long Will It Take You To Get Into Shape - If You Start Today.

How long it will take me to get in shape?, is one of the most common questions that people ask when they are starting their fitness journeys. 

Maybe you have an upcoming event like a wedding or anniversary, or maybe you want to enjoy a holiday without feeling the need to hide your body. Maybe you can feel the summer approaching, and you want to experience what its like to embrace that time of year without feeling self-conscious. Everyone should be able to feel the sun on their skin and feel comfortably at home in their bodies as part of this human experience. Whatever the reason, knowing how long it will take to reach your fitness goals is an excellent motivator as long as you can accept that there really is no end game when it comes to fitness - it's a lifelong pursuit of striving to be your best self.

We help you get into the best shape of your life.

The answer to the million dollar question of how long it will take to get in shape comes down to what we do you mean by "shape." Here at BodyRock, our stated mission is to help people get ‘into the best shape of their lives’ at home or anywhere they like to exercise. This means that we will help and support YOU getting into the best shape that YOU have ever been in. Not you in comparison to an instagram ‘influencer’, not you in comparison to a 20 year old celebrity. It’s a highly specific focus on you, and helping you become the best version of you possible. 

Most people starting their fitness journey’s are looking to lose weight and reduce body fat, so thats where we will focus. 

Within 2 weeks of starting to follow our Beginner Bootcamp workout program, you should start to feel the benefits of exercise. This might include being less out of breath from activities that you currently find taxing and uncomfortable. This might seem like baby steps, but you shouldn't dismiss these early benefits - being able to move and breath better in just 2 weeks is a massive win, and the foundation of all future progress. 

Working out with the BodyRock beginner Bootcamp

The mental & emotional benefits you will start experiencing after 2 weeks of following the Beginner Bootcamp workout program are likely to be more impactful than the physical changes at this stage in the timeline. After 2 weeks of exercise, you should start to feel reduced levels of stress and hyper tension. You may also feel less anxious and have a more elevated mood. You should start to feel the stirrings of a new found confidence that will start to positively impact your self-esteem. 

These first two weeks are crucial for setting the intention around your goals. Feeling more comfortable moving, having more capacity around your breathing, and the mental and emotional benefits that you will feel are laying the foundations for a successful fitness journey. Celebrate these early victories!

If you have never purposefully exercised as an adult, or its been years or decades since you last worked out, it will take about 6-8 weeks of consistently following a workout program like our Beginner Bootcamp series to start to see physical changes in your body. Consistency is the key word here, and consistency is what people typically struggle with, which is why people that follow a structured program that is achievable at their level are many times more likely to be successfully consistent than people who aren’t following a program. 

"People have a timeline and a goal in mind and that tends to keep them motivated over the short term, but there is a huge drop off with most people after about 2 weeks" BodyRock Coach Jessie says. Just as the first foundational benefits of working out are starting to take shape, people let go and give up. Staying focused past the first 2 weeks is perhaps one of the biggest factors in people reaching their goals. Don't be one of the majority that give up just before the first wins arrive. 

Beginner home workout program for women.

After 6-8 weeks of exercise, you will start to see some definition, muscle tone will begin to appear, and your clothes will start to fit better. We always encourage people that are working towards their fat loss goals to use a mirror or the fit of their clothes to gauge their progress. Coach Jessie believes that getting obsessed with the numbers on the scale is not the best way to support yourself. "Focusing on the scale is just too much pressure for most people starting out. I always tell people in the community to focus on how they look in the mirror and how their favorite pair of jeans fit - its a change you can feel and get excited about, and when you see and feel the changes starting to happen it reinforces your motivation and determination to see it through." 

A big part of succeeding here is celebrating each of the wins, no mater how small they are. 

Beginner workouts for women.

Beginners bodies tend to change faster than people that are already at a moderate fitness level. Beginners may progress faster simply because they are starting lower down the fitness ladder and require less exercise to challenge their body. “Beginners see huge jumps in strength across the board every week with proper training,” says Coach Jessie. "It's actually incredible how quickly someone starting from ground zero can progress in a short time with the Beginner Bootcamp and our other beginner level programs. These gains in strength, performance and endurance are what proves to people early on that they are on the right pathway towards their fitness goals." 

One of the best ways to ensure that you are consistent and stay on track is by starting with the right workout. Here at BodyRock we focus on Strength Training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) because this workout format has been scientifically proven to be the most efficient workouts for fat loss and general conditioning. By designing workouts that combine strength training and cardio into one, we use the two most powerful forms of exercise for toning up and burning fat as quickly as possible. It's what we have been specializing in for the last 10 years, and we've helped tens of thousands of people take their first steps towards reaching their goals effectively and as quickly as possible. 

Getting started working out as a beginner

"So many people sign up for programs that are simply too hard for them, which results in frustration and self-doubt. Most workout programs are programmed as a one size fits all, and the truth is that very few beginners are ready for that level of intensity right out of the gate. Beginner workouts should challenge people just starting out, but they should also be achievable - you need to be able to actually finish the workouts consistently while at the same time pushing people just enough outside their comfort zones. Most people starting out haven’t had the experience of successfully completing a single workout in their entire lives, much less a full program.

How I started to like exercising

Our Beginner Bootcamp workouts are just challenging enough to push people, but they also allow them to experience what its like to actually finish a workout under their own power. That experience of success is often so new and foreign to people that it literally blows their hair back - the confidence it kindles can be immediately recognized in their eyes and in their body language. It’s honestly an amazing feeling and an incredible thing to witness, Jessie says.

Feeling confident about exercise for the first time.

‘When people can accomplish their workouts because they are at the right level for them, it builds confidence and gets them hooked - suddenly they are someone who likes to workout - it unlocks being able to actually enjoy fitness."

If you like our vibe, and would like to experience the rush of confidence that comes with smashing workouts that are actually designed to meet you at your level, come and give our Beginner Bootcamp a try - over 250k women (and men) have successfully taken the program since we launched it, and the results have been life changing. For a limited time, we are offering a full year of unlimited access to for just $69 with code: NY22

Remember, this is about us helping you get in the best shape of your life. This is about you, living your best life now. You deserve to feel the sun on your skin with a smile of confidence on your face. We all deserve to experience this. 






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