How to Break through a Weight Loss plateau.

Let’s reignite your fat burn and get you back on track towards your fat loss goals. 

If you are new to fitness & have fat loss goals, the good news is that the initial changes that you make to your diet & exercise routines can help you achieve impressive results quickly. These early days and weeks of your journey can feel amazing, your motivation is jacked up from the early wins, and you can see changes in your body that inspire hope that this time will be different.

Eventually, most people experience what is commonly referred to as a weight loss plateau. Progress towards your goals often slows or grinds to a halt. 

Hitting a weight loss plateau is an extremely common occurrence that can negatively impact your motivation and knock your confidence. Most people get their legs kicked out from under them at this point, unsure as to why nothing seems to work anymore. If you collapse here, it can be embarrassing, especially if you have developed a bit of swagger over your early gains. Most people fall back into their old habits at this point end up regaining all the weight that they lost, plus additional ‘interest rate’ pounds charged for the weeks or months of success that you temporarily had. The leaner that your body gets, the harder it starts to become to lose additional weight. 

Did you know?

A 5-10% decrease in body weight will slow down your metabolism by roughly 15%. Nice one universe. 

What causes a fat loss plateau?

Glad you asked. A FLP (fat loss plateau) happens because as you get leaner, your body requires less calories (energy) to operate. If you don’t downshift your calories and stay consistent with your exercise routine, then you can find yourself socially distancing yourself from your motivation and progress at the FLP hotel for an extended lockdown. Put another way, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go directly to....

How to break out of fat loss jail. 

Get out of fat loss jail

FLP’s have been the weight loss guru’s bread and butter for decades. They treat the causes and treatments for FLP’s like biblical secrets or physics equations of galactic complexity. They’ve done this to sell us on pills, potions, shakes, endless diets and books. You don’t have to Shawshank your way out of FLP jail, the truth is actually very straight forward. 

To get past a fat loss plateau, you have these options:

calories in calories out

  • Eat less.
  • Move More. (burn more calories). 

A combination of both of these approaches that incorporates HIIT & Strength Training will shatter even the worst cases of FLP. Extremely frustrating problem solved. We promise. Now go after those goals, and chase what sets your heart on fire. 

Here is a quick checklist to further enhance and optimize your body's fat burning potential. 

Don’t roll your eyes at these. None of these tactics are particularly sexy or ground breaking (except the ‘game changer’), but they all need to be in alignment for you to successfully reach your fat loss goals. We succeed when you do, so please take these hacks seriously. 

Protein injection. 

increase protein

Get enough protein. The more lean, muscle-tone that you have, the more calories your body will burn 24/7. For the sake of extreme simplicity, imagine two identical twins sitting beside each other resting. Each weighs 150 lbs. One is lean muscle and the other is made up of fat (extreme oversimplification remember). The lean muscle twin will be burning upwards of 5X more calories as both twins sit at rest. If you transform your body into a lean muscle suit, it starts to get really good at being metabolically active, and it starts to do a lot of the work for you.

This is why we are always on you guys to get enough protein, and to strength train. If you don’t know how to strength train, and you want to learn at home, we have a great beginner series called Introduction to Strength Training that you can try out here for free. This link is an exclusive, extended, 30 day free trial to our streaming platform, 

Stop putting unknown quantities of food into your face. 

track your calories

You track the gas that goes into your car because it comes directly out of your wallet. You need to place the same amount of attention on your calorie gas tank. 

If you don’t know how much energy is going into your gas tank, you are driving blind, in the dark.

If this is the case, you are not yet serious enough to actually reach your fat loss goals.

That might sting. We've been helping people lose weight and transform their bodies since 2008. We understand how painful carrying that extra weight can be. This is a wake up call for you in the form of a blog article, and we deal in truth here. 

track calories

Realize that you might not be failing because of a lack of motivation, discipline, courage or desire. This is not about a weakness or terminal character flaw. It’s likely that you’ve stumbled because you just didn’t do the math and track the numbers. Who knew that your grade 9 math teacher was right all along when they said ‘someday you will use this’. Track your gas tank. 


cookies and treats

Grabbing an extra 500 calories in the form of a few cookies a few times per week can easily add up to an extra full day's worth of calories per week. Across a full year, that's almost enough calories for an extra two months worth of energy. We live in a reality with 12 months in the year, not 14, so let's start to get mindful about the number of treats we are eating. If you want healthy desserts and snacks that don’t taste like grass and bird seed, and that are fast and easy to make, get our meal plan bundle. It has a whole section of desserts and treats that you can eat and stay within your calorie allowance. Know your limit and play within it. 

Liquid treats are the most stealthy calorie and sugar bombs. These include flavoured coffees and almost anything flavoured at Starbucks. The calorie loads on these treats are epic, and it’s very unlikely that your workout can keep pace. Honourable mentions go to soda, ‘sports’ drinks, beer and alcohol. Yes, red wine too. 

You don’t move that much. 

sedentary work

Most people overestimate their movement. It might feel like you are working your butt off at work, but the truth is, if you have a desk job, you aren’t moving your butt nearly enough. 

Like your food intake, you need to track your steps. Most phones have this ability now built in, so no excuses. Get 15,000 steps a day, everyday. Make that happen, even if you pace the hallway. The more non-workout movement you get, the faster you will realize your fat loss goals. 

Workout hunger.

post workout hunger

If you feel ravenous post-workout, there is an excellent chance that you will overeat. 

Try eating a small snack 20-30 minutes before you train. An apple, a handful of almonds or a protein bar work well for this hack. The idea is to blunt your hunger / murder rage post workout. Have something similar ready to go for when you finish. Make sure it delivers a boost of protein to protect and support those lean muscles. 

Strength Train & Hiit it consistently. 

strength train to burn fat

Skipping your workout has been shown to increase your chances of missing your next training session by 61%. Nothing is more important than consistency when it comes to your workouts.

One size does not fit all. 

It's heartbreaking to see people with good intentions, sign up for fitness programs and online classes that are too difficult for them to complete.

Introduction to Strength Training

Coach Jessie, a mother of 3, leads you through our 5 part Introduction to Strength Training Bootcamp from the BodyRock living room. 

We’ve taken this problem on here at BodyRock by creating beginner inclusive workouts and bootcamps. Our ‘beginner’ boot camps and Introduction to Strength Training and Hiit’ programs are specifically designed to be challenging and achievable. Miracles can happen when you actually finish a workout. Confidence blooms, and motivation skyrockets. Our programs can be streamed from any device, and our focus is on teaching you the basics will give a solid foundation for your journey. You can train with us for a solid month for free with this extended, 30 day free trial here. We’d love to help you reach your goals. 

The game changer.

Strength training (resistance training) is the most effective way to bust your way out of even the most stubborn FPL. You can double down on adding handsfree resistance to almost any activity by snapping on a BodyRock weighted vest. Any movement that you make, from walking, to cycling to cleaning out the garage will be optimized into resistance training. It increases the burn and makes you stronger, helping to add lean, fat burning muscle to your frame. 

Our vests have been continuously improved over the last 7 years (when we introduced them to the market). We have crafted a better fit and feel, and unlike the cheaper knockoffs on Amazon, our vests don’t bleed colours and dyes on your skin or clothes, they don’t fall apart, and they actually fit. The BodyRock weighted vests are the Jordan’s of fitness vests, which is why amazon runs ads to compete against our small family business.

We kept things simple in this post, because when it comes to navigating your fitness journey, simple works. If you want to start exercising, come and join us for a month for free, and let us take the guess work out of it for you. If you need some gear or are interested in our weighted vest, we are currently running a site wide 35% off sale - our biggest discount of the year. 

As always, thank you for your time and continued support. 



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