How to start working out at home - a beginner guide.

Hello all of you absolute wonders of humanity, you seekers of strength compassion - all of you brave souls on this quest to live a life well lived. Welcome to our little corner of the internet where we strive to come together and help people just starting out with fitness all of the tools, knowledge and support that they need to get into the best shape of their lives. Today we are going to covering how to start working out at home if you are a beginner. 

Working out at home

First of all, lets establish what we mean by ‘home’. Home can be anywhere that you lay your head down at night, it can be outside in your bit of back garden, or it can be at the park down the street. I know a lot of people that train in their living rooms, not just because they might have access to a larger screen for streaming the workouts, but also because if they have kids. Beginners with kids are often courageously trying to set the type of example that they wish someone had provided them when they were kids - the normalization of exercise and fitness in the home, because lets face it - you can’t necessarily count on your kids picking up that inspiration at school. Letting your kids see mom or dad exercising, is one of the best examples that you can set - and don’t worry about needing to do it perfectly - that’s not the point. Your kids won’t be watching your form - they will be watching you. 

Working out at home gives you flexibility

Working out at home gives you the ultimate flexibility and control over your fitness experience. You can dress in whatever feels comfortable, you can play your favourite music. The shower and change room facilities are as clean as you would expect them to be. 

Home workouts in your living room

When you make your living room the home base of your fitness, it eliminates a significant amount of complexity and distraction. The logistical planning that goes into a gym visit is eliminated - and that is not a trivial thing. Getting yourself together, dressed or with a change of clothes, getting to the gym, parking, getting set up and started - all of this is pretty basic stuff, but it takes time, and each step takes will power, and if any of the factors that go into getting to the gym are off or don’t come together, chances are as a beginner, as someone who has not established a strong foundation around an established habit, well, chances are you are going to skip that trip to the gym.

Working out at home where you feel safe and comfortable

A recent study in the UK, found that just one night of irregular sleep was enough to cause 60% of women to skip going to the gym the next day. A lot of things have to come together for a gym visit to happen - and don’t underestimate the amount of chaos that life can throw at you to get in the way. People just starting out with exercise often make the argument, that having to go to the gym is what they are counting on to make them exercise, and I’m like - no, no that’s not how it works. We’ve been helping people with next to no exercise experience get into the best shapes of their lives for the last 15 years - and we’ve literally had hundreds of thousands of beginners workout with us in that time, and what I can tell you is that adding extra steps to the routine doesn’t help in the least. If you are counting on the act of going to the gym to be the thing that motivates you to exercise, that almost never works to carry people through. Imagining that the only way that you are going to achieve your fitness goals is through daily trips to the gym is an incredibly limiting perspective that isn’t going to do you any favours in the long run. Understand that your fitness rests with you, and following the right workout program that meets you at your current fitness level. 

Top benefits that you can look forward to when you start to workout at home: 

- Lose weight, shed excess body fat, lean down. 

- Reduced risk of chronic disease.

- Improved mood and better mental health. 

- Balanced energy levels and better sleep.

- Better sex life. 

Establish a home fitness routine.

Establish a workout routine and stick to it. Consistency is more important than workout length. People that follow a daily workout program like our 30 Day Beginner Bootcamp are over 70% more likely to establish a successful fitness routine than people that aren’t following a structured program. Our 30 day Beginner Bootcamp delivers a daily workout that has been specifically designed for beginners - so while the exercises will challenge you, they are achievable at the beginner level. The Beginner Bootcamp was also shot on location in a small, one bedroom loft style apartment, and the workouts themselves work comfortably in a small space. The Beginner Bootcamp gives you a daily workout that is between 10-15 minutes in length, which have been proven to be more effective at fat burn, then a 45 minute long jog. Short workouts can provide incredible health benefits - especially for beginners.

Beginner Bootcamp

A shot from our 30 day Beginner Bootcamp home workout program. 

Expect to fall down. Most people experience at least one setback a week when they are first starting out with their fitness quest. Ok, so let’s get comfortable with failure. No one here expects you to be perfect. We certainly aren’t perfect. Everyone fails. Everyone. It’s what you do with that failure that counts. You can beat yourself up, get reactive, frustrated, angry and throw yourself down into the depths of your own self loathing - but that certainly isn’t required. Beating yourself up is quite frankly childish, and it’s not part of the curriculum we practice here at BodyRock. When you fall down, take a minute and try to come to an understanding about what happened and why, make a note of it, and get back up your feet. We don’t like to waste time here on self-pity or self-blame. Pick yourself up and get back into the fight. Over time, see how much of the time gap between falling down and getting back up with self compassion you can close. Here are some options for what you can do when you fall down.

Don’t feel bad about falling off the exercise wagon

- Planned to do your workout but now suddenly feel like you are too exhausted or don’t have the energy to pull it off? This is a common phenomenon with beginners in the first 2-3 weeks of a new workout regimen, and it’s why we designed our Beginner Bootcamp workouts to deliver a full body burn in just 10-15 minutes per day. Programming shorter and more efficient workouts gives beginners the greatest chance of completing their workouts, and establishing consistency. If you are struggling to find the energy to complete a 10 minute workout, you can split the workout in half - do 5 minutes in the morning, and 5 minutes later in the day or in the evening. You can break up our Beginner Bootcamp workouts without losing any of the benefits of the workout. 

Don’t feel badly about missing your workouts

- Feeling stressed or lost motivation for your workout? Sometimes it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Skip a day, focus on your nutrition, and get a good nights sleep. Come back at your workout the next day. 

Beginner fitness tips for working out at home.

- Skipped a new days and now you feel horrible? Think about what knocked you off track and try and learn something from whatever it was, because it’s likely to resurface again down the road. Give yourself a shake, and prepare to go right back at it where you left off. If you learn something from your setbacks, they turn into lessons that you can use to get better in your quest. 

The goal is to minimize the amount of time that you spend punishing yourself when you fall down, so that you get back up and continue your fitness quest in a timely a manner as possible. We don’t require you to feel bad about anything when you train with us. Fall down? Well then get back up, you have a train to catch to your future.

Beginner Bootcamp

Our Beginner Bootcamp was designed specifically as an at-home program. 

The truth is, you have everything that you need inside of yourself to get into the best shape of your life. Your home is actually the ideal place to begin this fitness quest, because it offers a safe and comfortable place to establish a pattern of consistency - especially if you are working out with us in the Beginner Bootcamp series which was designed to be done at home.

Lastly, and this is important, just because you are a beginner, doesn’t mean that you have to workout at home. You can train anywhere that you feel comfortable, any room in the house works, because doing the workouts is more important then where you are doing them. The 30 day Beginner Bootcamp on our fitness streaming service is available on any device - so you can take us anywhere that feels good for you. At BodyRock we believe that being a beginner is a badge of honour - taking on the journey to get into the best shape of your life takes courage, and to help make our Beginner Bootcamp as accessible as possible, we are offering a full year of unlimited access for just $69 with code NY22. I hope that you will check it out, and get started on your own home fitness quest as part of our fitfam.



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