"I’m afraid a lot"

There is a lot of encouragement out there for believing in yourself. There are gurus that will hype you up and tell you that you can accomplish anything - in fitness, in business and in life, there are programs and professional motivators that will get you hyped and started. 

What happens after that? Is there anything beyond ‘you can do it?’ and ‘just keep going?’

At some point the cheerleading stops working

I’ve discovered that when you take on big goals and pursue them, fear, anxiety and stress is typically a major by-product of chasing your dreams. 

There is such an industry in getting people started, and if you’ve noticed, not much said about what it takes to endure the journey. 

Fear & anxiety are a normal part of the quest. I feel terrified most days - that I’m going to fail - in some aspect of my life or my business. We all have these feelings, and it’s ok to listen and acknowledge when you are feeling that way. 

Speak to your fear. Ask your anxiety what it wants. Listen to what surfaces when you just sit in your discomfort. Remember that you have a choice in most of what confronts us. Decide to structure your life in a way that lessens the burden. Let go where you can. 

Feeling supported is important. And not just by life’s cheerleaders. Connect with people who get what you are going through. Who understand that dreams come with struggle, that results come from working for them, and whose lives don’t look like a perfect instagram highlight reel. I know a whole community of real, inspirational people that will welcome you with open arms here

Connect with our community - it will help - not just in pursuing your fitness goals, but in every area of your life where you have to stand strong against adversity.

From the heart,

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Love this post Freddy. Love this pic. I’ve gained so much because of BodyRock and it goes way beyond workouts. Thank you

Eileen Liu McKeough July 05, 2019

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