I don’t want to workout about half the time

Sometimes it’s more than that.
That’s just the truth. I think a lot of people have the mistaken assumption that some people just magically like working out all the time. From my experience it’s just not true. I have to work at it just like everyone else.

I read recently that 98% of people have the desire to achieve their goals, but only 2% of people have the discipline to actually take action. 

I would argue that I’m naturally part of the 98%. What allows me to take action and achieve the life and fitness that I want is not ‘motivation’ in the traditional sense. What keeps me going is community. It’s you guys. It’s watching you guys post your sweaty hi-fives after your workouts, it’s seeing you guys get up and get moving. I find my inspiration to move from our #fitfam. Real people over coming the real struggles of life, and making it happen. 

You need to surround yourself with like minded people if you want to cross over to the life you want. You need to be supported, and see what is actually possible in real life - not on your Instagram feed. 

I’m inviting you into our private Facebook group where our fitfam supports each other. It’s free and you can request to join here. Come and see what is possible when you are part of a movement of people that only want you to succeed. It’s what keeps me from missing my workouts, and it’s the best motivation you will ever find. 

If you are looking for a workout to get started with, the perfect one is the Beginner Bootcamp. It’s 30 days, and each workout is designed to get you up and moving again. We will teach you all the moves, and the workouts are just 12 minutes long. It’s a great intro to the fat burning HIIT style workouts, and you can do them from the privacy and comfort of your own living room. Give it a try. 

It felt weird admitting to you guys that I struggle just as much as anyone else finding the will to train, but I’m hoping that by sharing our fitfam with you and inviting you into our family circle, you will find the support you need to start changing your mindset. 

Looking forward to seeing you there. 

From the heart,

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Thanks for that Sean.

Tammie April 15, 2019

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