I’ve rebuilt my butt.

I can be real about my butt. I love it. I need it to sit down and cuddle up to a cup of tea. We go back along way together.

But it was always, well, kinda on the flatter side. I always wanted it to be fuller - rounder, somewhat more perky.

So I decided to see just what was possible. No, I didn’t check out butt fillers or butt implants lol - although these are starting to pop up all over the place on insta. Yes, sadly, not all those perfect butts on display on insta are the results of diet and exercise.

I wanted to see what was possible by going old school. By adding some new exercises and workouts to the mix from SweatFlix.com, I set out to transform my cheeks.

Here are the playlists I used in SweatFlix to build my booty:

The truth is, you are just one workout away. Let that sink in. You are one workout away from: the change you want, the first step to living a stronger more active life, being the positive example for fitness in your family, or building a better butt. Whatever your dream is, you are literally one workout away from that journey. 

The first workout you do with the intention to make a change is the first workout of the rest of your life. It always takes that first one. 

To help you get started, we would like to offer you 30 days of FREE sweatflix.com. It’s really no risk, because you can cancel at anytime. If you are looking just to get started moving again check out our beginner Bootcamp.

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Hello, Love Bodyrock & been following a spell now however, not doing. I haven’t bought with you due to a job loss but now on my way to getting back on track & entertaining a improved me! Wonder if a gal at 51 (feel 37) can improve more? Toning up specifically! Lost 25 #’s by calorie watching & increased exercise. Now I wanna tone legs, buttocks, core & arms. Suggestions appreciated. Respectfully. MsHazer : )

Kim Fyfe April 06, 2019

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