Importance of emotional well-being

Imagine not showering or bathing - ever. Let me get back to this. 
A lot of people understand the need to work hard at their careers. Many of us work hard on our relationships, and I know a lot of us here put in mad effort on our fitness.

We are always working, striving, trying to stay on top. I know from my own personal experience, that even with all of this effort going into my daily life, sometimes I still am left feeling.... conflicted, frustrated and sometimes angry. At what is sometimes hard to pin down. But it always comes back to: shouldn’t I feel better at the end of all this effort? Shouldn’t I feel more at peace and calm?

Here is the secret of what I have discovered, and it’s starting to make a huge difference in my day to day life. 

You need to work on all of the shit that you are carrying around in your head, as much as you are working on your career, relationships and your fitness. 

If you are not working on your emotional well-being, it’s the equivalent of not bathing and the outcome is just as unpleasant, not just for yourself, but those around you. 

You start to stink. 

Not actual stink, but a toxic moodiness build up that trails you with every bit as much offence as a pail of garbage in the sun or a musky, dank b.o.  

Your distracted nature, inability to fully be present in the moment, low grade but constant anger - it’s starts splashing around, robbing you of some of the best moments of your life. 

I started going to therapy to deal with my emotional stink. I’ve been going weekly now for 2 years. For me, it’s like going to a mechanic, having physio on a muscle or joint that needs repair, seeing a personal trainer, or having a shower. It’s basic, emotional hygiene. 
It’s not always easy, sometimes it’s the last thing that I feel like doing, but just like brushing your teeth, it gets done. 

I’m not here to advocate therapy. What I am telling you, is that you need to work on the internal with as much velocity of effort as you are putting into everything else.

The good news is that working on your fitness with us everyday in, supports this internal cleanup. Exercise helps to clear your mind, quiet the negative thoughts, and refresh the mind & body. Many of you have experienced this with us. In many ways, it’s the cheapest form of therapy out there.

If you are looking for extra resources, there is a great book called Un-fuck yourself that cuts through the usual BS found in a lot of self help books. It’s a favourite here, and it’s getting passed around the office. 

A final word on emotional hygiene. 
We all need it. To think you don’t, makes you that person at the party who has savage body odour and doesn’t realize it - because very few of us are aware of our own scent (usually until someone points it out). 

Work on your head and your heart, and the rest will start to fall into place. 

To get you started, here is 50% off membership for next 6 months.  Simply use code 'SPECIAL50' during checkout. Try our BR20 or the Beginner Bootcamp class - it will help zen you out.

From the heart,


After reading this blog, I got the book. This is truly an awesome book! Everyone should read it. It really does cut through the BS.

Janice September 20, 2019

Wow!!! I absolutely love this article. We are always trying to work on our bodies, but oh so true that we need to work on our attitudes and minds. I am thankful for my horses and dogs that help keep me “in the moment”. Not to say that there aren’t times that my attitude gets a little stinky, but they help rein me in. Thank you!

Janice August 01, 2019

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