Increase Your Fitness Level in a Month: Here's How!

Wondering how to increase your fitness level? You're not alone. We know that when you first start working out, the distance between you and that first full push-up can seem eons away. And then, when you've mastered the push-up, there's the decline push-up and the spider push-up and then the triangle push-up and eventually, the single-arm push-up. 

(Psst: You can learn more about how to do a push-up here.)

Learning how to increase your fitness level is as much about patience as it is physical strength. While your body and mind will start experiencing the benefits of exercise in as little as a couple of weeks and while you will likely notice your sweat sessions are getting a little easier in that time frame, you won't really see results until around six weeks into your new regime. 


This said, this duration can be reduced if you're already exercising since people who already have a basis of fitness tend to build muscle and burn fat more efficiently. 

In other words, when it comes to increasing your fitness level, there's a bit of a physiological learning curve.

But, like we said, even complete beginners can feel their fitness levels increase in a matter of weeks, and that's what we're talking about today: how to increase your fitness level in a month!

How to Increase Your Fitness Level in a Month

We've designed a new BodyRock+ workout series, Start Strong, to get people new to fitness from beginner to intermediate level in a mere month.


We start STRONG, by introducing you to powerful (but level appropriate) compound moves that require NO EQUIPMENT, work multiple muscle groups, and help you build more muscle, strength and stability all over, right off-the-hop.

Increasing your fitness level more quickly is not about working out more: it's about working out smart. That's what the Start Strong does. In just five, 24-minute workouts a week, you can see incredible results that are measurable by how strong you'll feel.

Try our first Start Strong workout here and now for free. Then, sign up for a month FREE BodyRock+ trial for new members. 



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