Is Drinking Red Wine Good For You?

This week we’ve covered how a simple sleep hack can help overweight people eat significantly less, how the physical packaging of your food can cause weight gain, the incredible fat loss and other health benefits of intermittent fasting for women, and what losing 5 pounds of body fat looks like. 

Every article that we research and share is designed to provide you with the knowledge, strategies and tools that you need to achieve your health goals and give you the edge when it comes to smashing your fitness and fat loss goals. 

Today we are myth-busting the health benefits of red wine and light alcohol consumption. 

myth-busting the health benefits of red wine

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine with my wife, or catching up over a glass of my favourite red at a pub with friends. Like many people, I read the heath headlines, and had read (and heard) that enjoying a glass of wine in the evenings had health benefits for your heart and immune system. Do you remember hearing this too?

Red wine has no health benefits

So when the latest scientific research dropped in the UK proving otherwise, I felt a bit crushed. The scientists branded the benefits of ‘light’ drinking wine, beer and spirits, “the biggest myth since we were told that smoking was good for us” - ouch. The study results demonstrated that when it comes to heart health, alcohol only ever increases the risk of heart disease, it never reduces risk. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and is the number one cause of death worldwide. 

Drink less alcohol to support weight loss

According to the authors of the study, the only sensible thing when it comes to red wine, beers, or anything else that contains alcohol is to drink less of it. That said, there is a way to enjoy a moderate approach to drinking red wine, spirits and other types of alcoholic drinks that will reduce the risk associated with weight gain and obesity. 

enjoying a glass of wine in the evenings had health benefits for your heart

The amount of sugars found in different varieties of red wine and other alcoholic drinks can range dramatically from extremely small quantities to amounts that rival or surpass sugary sodas like Coke. Knowing how to make the best choice while enjoying a glass of wine or beer will minimize the health risks associated with weight gain, while allowing you to continue enjoying your favorite glass of red wine in moderation. We break down how to make the healthiest alcohol choices in our BodyRock Meal Plan Bundle ($29.99). 

At some point on this journey, you will need to confront that which is holding you back. Maybe you’ve identified that thing as alcohol, maybe it’s binge eating. Each of us has something, that’s for sure. You have to ask yourself, does the benefit of this thing - insert your struggle here - does the benefit of this outweigh the risks?

Confronting your internal challenges

And not just the health risks, or the possibility that you might gain weight, because these struggles don’t tend to stay in just one part of your life. When you don’t deal with things, they tend to spread into the other areas of your life, a bit like water flooding over into the different squares in an ice cube tray.

Confronting what is holding you back can be painful.

So you have to ask yourself, what is this costing you in terms of your purpose and what you want to achieve in this life? This can be a really uncomfortable conversation to have with yourself, it can be painful to confront those answers, and it might take more than just a few conversations to get to the bottom of it and arrive at an answer that feels like something approaching the truth.

Confronting your struggles

If you know that you are doing something that is holding you back from what you want - it will come to the point that you need to do something with that awareness. You will feel compelled to take action to move yourself out of the pain and frustration of your circumstances. Maybe you start to follow a plan and take advantage of the resources and support systems that are literally at your fingertips - because there is support for you - we are here for one, and we have developed some pretty effective tools that are available to you.

Tools to support your fitness goals

There are real humans here that show up each day to help, our fitness community is a bloody miracle - it’s full of the most incredible people that have all faced up to their own challenges, and boy, they have persevered and overcome some pretty difficult things. They’ve kept their heart and kindness intact, and they keep showing up each day from the heart, working out and fighting the good fight that makes life worth living. Those guys are just great.

BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp

A shot from the 30 day Beginner Bootcamp Workout series. 

If you are looking to get started on your own fitness journey, come and try our 30 day Beginner Bootcamp - it’s one of the only programs online that was designed specifically for the needs of absolute beginners, and by the way, being a beginner is a courageous thing to be. It means that you are starting something new, and that by definition takes determination, effort and bloody courage.

Woman working out with the Beginner Bootcamp

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t purposefully exercised in years or decades even - the 30 day Beginner Bootcamp program will get you up and moving again in a way that you can achieve - and when was the last time you felt the satisfaction and confidence boost that came from actually successfully completing a working out from start to finish? Some people have gone their entire lives without ever having experienced this. That's what this program is all about - its your entry ramp to a healthier, active lifestyle in a way that you can manage.

Fitness success.

The daily workouts are just 10-15 minutes long, and what happens in that 10-15 minutes is nothing short of miraculous. It’s not just that your body will be burning away excess body fat, its not just that you are getting physically stronger and toned, its much, much more than that. It’s the opportunity to experience the power of your body, and what it’s actually capable of in a completely new way. People who start the Beginner Bootcamp write in to tell us that this was the first time in their lives that they have felt confident exercising. They write in that they’ve never been able to complete a workout before, and that now that they can, they actually like exercising. Imagine that - that is a pretty major turn around.  It’s a starting point that we are making available to you. Right now you can get a full year (365 days) of access to the Beginner Bootcamp on our fitness streaming platform (think our version of NetFlix for fitness) for just $69 with code: NY22. We hope that you will join us and let us help support you.



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