Is There a Surge in Interest in Plastic Surgery?

A couple of events happened recently to propel the topic of facial reconstruction into the forefront of our minds. One was Demi Moore during Paris Fashion Week in late January. Photos can be misleading, light can be transforming (and unkind) ...but the way everyone jumped to conclusions about whether or not she had had some serious plastic surgery was alarming.

Fans tweeted thoughts such as, "Demi is unrecognizable," and "WHAT did you do your face?"

Source: The Mirror

A second surgery-related incident was Abel Tesfaye (aka. The Weeknd) and his dramatic publicity stunt which culminated in his "Save Your Tears Video," release in the weeks before the Superbowl halftime show. We all wondered if he really did transform his face, and NOPE! He appeared as he had been prior to all the bandages and bulges.

Source: The Weeknd's IG Feed

Did these two actually go under the knife?

First of all, we believe Demi when she says it was just lighting and she hasn't had work. Regardless of whether or not she had work done, it's her right to keep this information quiet and let's leave her alone about it!

Secondly, it's clear to us that Tesfaye is responding in a creative way to something that has become out of control in recent months. His world is chalk full of people who undergo facial "tweakments." Celebhood compels many people to "enhance" their features, indeed it's almost impossible to find someone in showbiz who hasn't had work done. However, he clearly feels the inclination has rendered many people, 99% of whom are women, ridiculous. We see his point, and believe it was an effective way to spark conversation on this topic. As Kate Pasola wrote in Cosmopolitan, "it’s true that we’re facing a self-esteem crisis led by celebrity culture and Instagram filters."

Why is this all coming up now?

There are reports that plastic surgery is on the rise since the Pandemic began. 64% of US surgeons report a dramatic increase in online consultations. Some speculate that we're bored, stuck at home and analyzing our flaws, others believe that we're confronted with our mugs on Zoom calls and not liking what we see. (Although if you're anything like us at BR, you only turn that camera on for meetings about once a week!)

At BodyRock we think something a little more sinister is taking place.

In a word, it's the internet. Ie, our extremely extended periods of time on the internet each day are making us more self-conscious. Click on something about plastic surgery (oops, like this article, sorry!) and you will be bombarded with retargeting ads telling you that you can perk up your face! Go under the knife, it's a common practice, it's quick, it's easy!

There are no short cuts with beauty, BodyRockers.

We cannot deny that certain tweaks can effectively fix a perceived flaw, for sure, and we all know people who have had some work done, but they still look like themselves. There are also examples we completely support of transgendered individuals who have had appearance changes that ultimately made them feel way more like who they really are inside.

But for most, surface changes do not make you more beautiful, and can take away your character. Please consider alternate routes: there are NO QUICK FIXES when it comes to anything, even beauty!

Do your own facial reconstruction, for free.

There are armies of people who get tweakments instead of:

  • working out or doing yoga
  • drinking their daily recommended doses of water
  • cutting way down on white carbs, dairy, and booze
  • taking vitamins and supplements
  • getting into raw foods and whole grains

How is it possible you can skip these steps and believe that surgery will make you beautiful?

Healthy is beautiful. Wellness is glorious. Glowing skin, full hair, strong bodies...these are what the human race at a primal level finds attractive.

We support all women in all their choices because we know very, very well the pressure that women are under. We just want to say this: please don't change who you are from the outside. If you're looking for beauty, reveal your gorgeous self from the inside out!


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THANK YOU for this article! Mom was right, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Always strive to make yourself better but realize that YOU ARE PERFECT just the way you are!

Kendra February 10, 2021

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