It's time to get out of your shell

This week I decided to get uncomfortable, to really experience vulnerability. This is how it feels to be new at something, to be unsure. I felt out of place, awkward, & uncomfortable in my body. These are just some of the feelings I felt being a dance beginner this week 🕺.

It wasn't easy to overcome my thoughts of thinking I look “stupid”, or “uncoordinated” to be honest. I realize this can be one of many hurdles for someone to overcome mentally when starting something for the first time.
I used to really fight the idea of being a beginner. I used to think that being an expert was the only way to win.
Being a beginner is not just okay, it’s actually the only way to master your craft.

I think that as coaches, we must begin over and over again. Being a beginner is the best place to coach from. As a coach, being a beginner leaves us open to the miracles that coaching naturally invites.

Being a beginner can allow you to be more open and flexible if you let it. That’s if you don’t let the frustration of setbacks beat you to it.
What I’ve come to realize is that people actually respect you more when you have the mindset of a beginner. You’re still allowed to have the knowledge and experience of an expert. But no one wants to interact with someone who thinks they know it all.

When you are trying to develop a new skill look at it as practice (but give it 💯) instead of a game or performance. Learn from your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes allows you next step, experiment and be creative in your own right.
If you're already a master stay humble. The moment you start calling yourself a guru is the moment you stop learning.

Thank you @tinnahoffmann for taking the time with me this week sending me instruction. I know the progress will be slow and will challenge my patience.
May 1st is the Fast & Furious Challenge. If you are a beginner and can’t do some of the moves send me or @bodyrocktv_lisamarie a msg for help. You’re not alone.
This experience has inspired me to do a complete challenge for beginners next month. 21 Days no repeat workouts just you and I. The new challenge will be in and the only thing you will need is a weighted vest which you can pick up here for 50% off today. 

Looking forward to filming the new challenge.

From the heart. 


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Hi .. where’s the fast and furious guide? Thanks

Ailee May 02, 2019

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