Just 1 hour of extra sleep per night helps overweight people eat significantly less and lose weight.

New studies have found that sleeping just a little bit longer each night helps overweight people consume a lot less calories. 

Here at BodyRock we are big fans of sleep, because we understand that it's a critical part of our self-care, especially if you are trying to lose weight, reduce belly fat causing stress, and generally have a body that can healthily function the way that you need it to. Scientific based research is steadily growing that supports the link between a lack of proper sleep and the risk of obesity and other disorders that cause weight gain. 

proper sleep and the risk of obesity

A group of scientists in the United States have found that extending the amount of time that overweight people sleep each night leads to a pretty massive reduction in the amount of calories that they eat and drink on a daily basis. The reduction in calories that results from the extra sleep are significant enough to drive noticeable, long term weight loss. 

A clinical trial studied 80 overweight adults that averaged 6.5 hours of sleep per night. The study found that when participants slept for just an extra 1.2 hours per night, it resulted in a calorie reduction of up to 500 calories per day, which was enough to put the subjects into a calorie deficit. To put this into perspective, adults that are in a 500 calorie deficit per day can expect to lose a pound per week. 

Overeating and weight gain

Many people that struggle with overeating during the day will benefit from getting an extra hour of sleep each night, either by getting to sleep earlier, sleeping in, or some combination of the two. The studies were based on nightly sleeping patterns, not short naps, so for now, it doesn’t appear that napping during the day will replicate these results. 

Intermittent Fasting and sleep

This is a significant finding, and something that is accessible to anyone looking to support their weight loss goals. Sleeping an extra hour to lose weight is hopefully not too hard of a sell for most people to consider, especially given all of the other well documented benefits adequate sleep provides.  

If you are considering the weight loss benefits of getting an extra 1.2 hours of sleep per night, you can supercharge your sleep based fat loss by following our Intermittent Fasting Plan for Women.

Intermittent fasting and sleep

Fasting has become a popular alternative for people that struggle with food restrictions and dislike following complicated diet plans that force them to avoid the foods that they love. You can read more about the health benefits of intermittent fasting for women here. Fasting takes the emphasis completely off what you are eating, and instead shifts the focus to when you are eating. Fasting doesn’t require any food choice restrictions (you can eat whatever you want) and has been proven to be just as effective at promoting weight loss as more traditional diets that restrict food choices.

BodyRock Intermittent Fasting Plan for Women (and men)

The BodyRock Intermittent Fasting Plan ($24.99)

Fasting requires women to follow a different fasting protocol than men, which is why we developed our Intermittent Fasting Plan ($24.99) specifically for a woman’s body and hormonal requirements (we include a full version of our men's fasting plan with the female specific plan that you can share or gift to a partner, friend or family member). The greatest thing about fasting is that you can schedule the bulk of your fast to happen while you are asleep - meaning that you can follow the hardest part of this diet plan and maximize your weight loss while you are snoozing - which we now know will have the added benefit of helping you eat less when you are awake. Aligning fasting and a bit of extra sleep might just be the easiest and most effective way to lose weight ever conceived

Just 10 minutes of exercise per day.

While I have you hear talking about sleep, fasting and weight loss, did you know that just 10 minutes of exercise per day is enough to improve your health, cheer you up and help you achieve your fat loss and fitness goals? Pairing up our Meal Plan with our streaming workout programs is the fastest way to see these results even faster. 

Researchers at the Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana studied 464 women who were non-exercisers. After 6 months, a group of these women that exercised for just 10 minutes per day on a consistent workout program, had improved their heart strength and general fitness conditioning. The body responds very positively and very quickly to 10 minutes of exercise per day.

Working out at home with the BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp

If you are reading this, and it's been years or even decades since you’ve purposefully exercised and followed a workout program, we have a great article here on how to get started.

BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp

The BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp

We have also created a workout program designed specifically for beginners that includes daily workouts that are between 10-15 minutes long. Our 30 day Beginner Bootcamp workout series features fat burning, body toning workouts designed to get you moving again. The workouts will challenge you, but they are achievable - meaning that you will be able to successfully smash them out - even if it has been years or decades since you last followed an exercise program. Our Beginner Bootcamp will get you into the habit of training again, building your confidence every step of the way.

Over 250K women (and men) have taken both seasons 1 and 2 of our Beginner Bootcamp workout series, and they have used the program as an entrance ramp to their fitness journey. Right now we are offering a full year of unlimited access to our fitness streaming service BodyRockPlus.com (think NetFlix, but for workouts) where you can find The Beginner Bootcamp, Intro to HIIT, Intro to Strength, and many other beginner level exercise programs for just $69 for a full year with code: NY22. That’s a full year of having us help to support your fitness and weight loss goals. If you like our vibe and how we approach fitness and nutrition, we’d love to have you train with us and join our fitfam. 




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