Keep Calm & Sweatflix On: 5 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who could have predicted that the kick-off to 2020 would introduce the Coronavirus or COVID-19--a virus that the World Health Organization (WHO) has now defined as a pandemic. 

Along with WHO, other leading health institutions encouraging people to practice ‘social distancing’ (more about this below), and, if you’re following this serious recommendation (which of course you should), it’s pretty hard to hit the gym.

We feel your pain. Even though we are a home workout movement, many of our trainers and community members take their Sweatflix workouts to the gym. Everyone needs out of the house sometimes. 

Yes, during a pandemic, you can leave the house, but leaving the house to go to the gym--a hotbed of germs--is another matter altogether. 

So what do you do?

Here are our top 5 ways to protect yourself against COVID-19 and how to keep calm and Sweatflix on!

  • Regular Hand Washing
  • To prevent the spread of colds, flus or coronavirus the most important thing is regularly washing your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer. If you’re out in public wash after touching anything - toilets, handrails or after eating. 

    Added Protection: Skip the latex gloves when out in public as they actually can collect potential viruses on the back of the gloves. Instead, if you’re hitting the grocery store, sanitize your cart handrail or use your elbow/arm to open doors.

  • Social Distancing & Overcrowding
  • One of the most effective ways to control the spread of contagious diseases is to practice social distancing. What this means is to keep 1 metre between you and anyone who appears visibly sick (coughing, sneezing) when you’re outside the house. 

    Social distancing could also mean avoiding public spaces as a way to contain COVID-19 - check with your local Public Health Guidelines to see what your area suggests. 

    Added Protection: Try doing your weekly shopping off-hours so there are fewer people to come into contact with. 

  • Keep Working Out At Home
  • Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from keeping on track with your fitness goals. You’ve been working too hard for that. Just workout at home. Bust out your yoga mat and some weights. Use whatever you’ve got around the house. 

    Exercise will boost your immune system, so don’t give up now. 

    Added Protection: If you’re not a Sweatflix member, you can grab a free 30 day trial of Sweatflix.Or, if you want in for less for longer, you can use code 50OFF for 50% off a three month Sweatflix membership.

     In between sessions with us, be sure take a walk outside for some fresh air, preferabbly in non-crowded areas. The fresh air will help clear your mind and the vitamin D, which your skin produces when exposed to sunshine, is one of the most powerful vitamins for strengthening your immune system.

  • Practice Good Hygiene 
  • Practicing good hygiene is of the utmost importance to protect you and others from catching contagious diseases, like COVID-19. Here are some recommended best practices:

    • Wash your hands regularly
    • Avoid touching your face (eyes or mouth) 
    • Cover your mouth after sneezing or coughing
    • Skip touching others
    • If you’re feeling under the weather: stay home
    • Contact a health care provider if you suspect you have the flu or COVID-19

    Added Protection: Don’t share foods or drinks with others and if you're sick or in the presence of someone who is, wear a face mask.

  • Stay Informed
  • Knowledge is power. Monitor your local Public Health updates because they release advice, current guidelines and facts on the disease applicable to your area. COVID-19 isn’t going away without the cooperation of everyone, so be a team player.

    Added Protection: If you're scared, start your day off with meditation. Before you check for the latest updates on the coronavirus. Your mind needs to work off its stress too!

    Don’t let the coronavirus stop you from living your healthiest life. In fact, living a healthier life can help protect you from the virus. Keep working out from home. Join us on Sweatflix. Let’s keep each other strong.



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