Keep Your Diet On Track on the Weekends: Here’s How!

Don't worry, we're not going to tell you to meal plan. If keeping your diet on track from Friday to Sunday night was as easy as meal planning, we wouldn't be writing this blog. Meal planning is weekday logic. It's the sort of structured approach to diet that works in a work-a-day world. Meal planning, for most of us, does not fly on the weekend. Doesn't matter if you've whipped up a triple batch of your fave quinoa and lentil salad or BBQ chicken tacos: come the weekend, all bets are off. 

Weekend Food Warrior

So what gives? How can we stay so myopically dedicated to our diets during the week, and then abandon our commitment to healthy eating faster than you can say macronutrient come Friday night? 

Well, #FitFam, the question begs the answer: we're too uptight during the week. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and when your diet has become oppressively...well, even the good, clean foods you love start to look like your Friday night hook-up on Saturday morning.

The key, then, to not decimated your #dietgoals on the weekend, is to lighten the hell up during the week. How exactly do you do this without throwing in the towel all together? Keep reading.

3 Tips to Keep Your Diet on Track During the Weekend

  1. Treat yourself during the week.

Before you go, buy stocks in Mr. Christie, understand that 'treat' is not synonymous with unhealthy. One of the major diet pitfalls we see revolves around a simple lack of education about how to treat oneself with good, clean food. No, we're not saying that you should revel in the glory of an apple and consider that a treat (though apples are awesome); we're saying you should learn how to make your own healthy treats. There are millions. Literally millions. In our new Fast & Furiously Fit ebook, we have an entire dessert section dedicated to some of our favourite healthy treats. Treats you can eat every damn day if you wanted. Ice cream. Almond butter chocolate cups. Brownies. Macaroons.We kid you not: it's all in the book, along with 40+ meals and snacks to tempt your tastebuds and encourage you to try something new and exciting. Use promo code FASTED30 for 30% off the ebook now! 

  1. Make an event of trying something new.

Like we just said: try something new and exciting. This is a great way to spice up your gustatory life and keep you interested in eating healthy. As much as you may love your cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with almond butter and raw honey (and what's not to love), you're likely going to get tired of eating it the sixth day in a row. And when we get bored in any relationship, our eyes start to wander. Suddenly, those convenience store cupcakes are looking pretty damn good.

As Paul Newman famously said of wide Joanne Woodward, "Why go out for burger when there's steak at home?" So, keep the love alive in the kitchen. After you snag our new ebook and peruse the pages, invite friends and family over for a meal. From app ideas to desserts, it's all in there! We designed this book to promote happy, healthy eating, so you're not going to open it up to see a long, boring list of salads. There's ribs. Tacos. Steak, and yes, burgers. Quiche. Stew. Everything is delicious, nutritious and easy to make, so all you have to do is whip it up and enjoy.

  1. Don't play the weekend card!

Here's our last, and arguably, the most important tip: we live in a culture that glorifies weekends as a time for wanton indulgence, so even when we want to stay committed to our healthy, balanced diet, this desire is being (often unconsciously) squashed by an equal and opposing drive: to let loose. Go wild. YOLO, right? Well, yeah, but don't you want your one, precious life to be on your terms? You do only live once, but isn't that more reason to accomplish the things you want to do, and not let anything stand in your way--especially when the thing standing in your way is just an indoctrinated mentality that's often used as an excuse to toss accountability out of the window.

We get it: we need to relax and unwind. Even if 90% of the time we make and eat our own healthy treats, we will still go for the convenience store cupcake now and then. And that's cool. Indulgence is part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. But if you have dietary blackouts two out of five days a week, your good gains will be slower negligible. From a dietary standpoint, view the weekend like any other day of the week: a day to enjoy good food, and sure, treat yourself, but for the most part, the treats should be accommodated within your macros. (To learn more about measuring your macronutrients, read this short and handy blog.) 

If your weekends are too junk food-centric, then shift the focus to indulging in healthy foods and most importantly, time doing what you love with people love. 

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Great article! This is definitely where I struggle and stumble the most and often undo all the good I did during the week. I’ve been getting better though and I find tracking my food helps a-lot. I like what you said about treating yourself during the week to prevent a full blowout on the weekend. Thanks for the info and here’s to NOT making the weekend our “weak end”!

Michelle June 29, 2019

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