Keto Crotch:The Smelly Side-Effect of this Popular Diet

Many of know about rank AF keto-breath, but keto-crotch?


As icky as it may be, keto-crotch is a very real side-effect of a very popular low carb diet. The keto diet champions eating lots of protein, healthy fats and leafy greens with a small smattering of starchy vegetables and fruits to help your body use fat as fuel, instead of carbs. Simply enough, right?

Sure. While the keto diet is not for everyone, and while there is some debate over the long-term health ramifications, the fact remains that tons of people follow the keto diet with great success , and seem to be thriving.

However, as with many diets, this one comes with an unpleasant side effect with appears to affect mainly women. 

What is keto-crotch?

Because what you eat can affect your body's pH, switching to a keto diet can cause a funky smell in nether regions. A change in your body's vaginal pH can lead to a change in your odour. Simple as that.

What can be done about keto-crotch?

Nothing, really. Experts indicate that your body will adjust, and given time, your pH will should return to normal and the smell should level out. However, in some cases, imbalances can lead to bacterial vaginosis. This condition will often clear up on its own, but if it doesn't, head to your doctor. If keto-crotch is creating a chronically smelly problem, you may be encouraged to rethink your diet. 

Eating keto is obviously not the only way to shed extra fat. Eating a healthy diet that includes balanced foods from all macronutrient groups can also help you lose weight. Many BodyRockers in our Insiders Group have had jaw-dropping results with intermittent fasting: an eating paradigm with no eating restrictions, just time restrictions. You eat all your daily macronutrient needs (yes, even carbs) within an 8 hour window, and then don’t eat for 16 hours a day. This prolonged (but totally sustainable) fast switches on your metabolic fire and allows you to use fat cells instead of glucose for fuel. 

You can join our Insiders Group to ask questions, or click through on any of the links in the paragraph above, which will provide you with more information on intermittent fasting. If you’re interested in giving it a try, grab our Fast & Furiously Fit ebook. Use code FASTED30 for 30% off

But we’re not saying intermittent fasting is the only way to lose fat. You can also just clean up your diet, period. We’ve dedicated an entire Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan to helping thousands of BodyRockers do just that. If you eat a diet that comes mostly from whole foods and are hitting your macronutrient needs for the day--without exceeding them on the regular--you can also shed fat.

The point is to find a way of eating that works for your goals, your life, your well-being, and promotes a long-term healthy relationship with food.

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