Light Up Your Abs With This One Move

Strong abs are a cornerstone of a strong core, and this ab exercise is guaranteed to light a fire in your belly and supercharge your total body fitness by engaging not only your abs, but your hip flexors, shoulders and lats.

After all, some of the best exercises for your abs are exercises that work multiple muscle groups and force your body to use stabilizing muscles as well as the bigger ab muscles. This move—the Baller Ab Pass—does it all. 

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Baller Pass Ab Exercise

All you need to perform this move is our BodyRock Baller Medicine Ball, which will provide you with the resistance you need to build more lean muscle mass and live a more functionally robust and fully realized life in your beautiful body. The soft, leather, padded design makes it perfect for gripping and tossing without risk of bruising to yourself or damage to your floors.

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How to Perform the Baller Pass Ab Exercise

The key to doing this ab exercise is to keep your lower back on the ground at all times. You don't want your back to arch up. Pull your belly button down toward the floor throughout the movement.

Keep your arms straight over your head and squeeze the ball between your calves.

If you find your back arching up, don't pass the Baller to your legs—just keep it in your hands.

Try this ab exercise and let us know how you did in the comments. And remember, your free Get Sexy Abs eBook awaits. Grab it here. 

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