Lisa's Favourite Full Body Moves using a BodyBar and Balance Trainer

Hi BodyRockers,

Part of my mission has been showing people - and especially women - the amazing and transformational power of adding weights and lifting exercises to your workouts. If you want to make serious, noticeable improvements and be in the best shape of your life in time to fully enjoy this summer, then adding resistance in the form of weights is key.

If you have been training with me for a while, you know that I’ve propelled my own fitness forward by incorporating more lifting. I’m always teaching you guys new moves and exercises that not only make you functionally stronger so that you can handle all the physical tasks life throws at you - but the power in using the BodyBar and weights is that it absolutely ignites your post workout fat burn.

The only thing better than lifting with the BodyBar is adding in the Balance Trainer. Adding a bit of instability to your training is going to make all of those stabilizer muscles fire and activate, and it will open a world of new targeted moves you can add to your home workouts.

So to re-cap: adding weighted exercises to your workouts will deliver fat burning results, adding weights and balance training gives you the tools to kick your summer body results to the next level. I’ve put together a video of some of my favourite BodyBar & Balance Trainer exercises, and to help you get your hands on a Balance Trainer, I’m going to give you one FREE when you order the BodyBar & weights (that’s $129.90 FREE). The Balance Trainer is my go-to for abs, core and a lot of dynamic cardio moves, and it’s the perfect home gym bench to support your lifting.

Let me know if you have any moves that you can share or if you have any questions, in my next email I’m going to show you guys some great ab moves that are way more efficient than crunches - the best core moves are actually standing IMO.

Lisa xo



I bought many items from your wonderful collection but I did not receive the free video could you update me with the status of.

I bought the bar, weights and balance trainer.

I’m so looking forward to working out with you through the DVD.

Yours for Fitness,


Victoria June 17, 2019

What is the difference between the body bar and the sculpting bar? they use the same weights right? I see the body bar has handles? are they attached. do they come off? trying to decide which one to get and which is better?

Katherine June 07, 2019

My wife likes this top but we cannot find it under apparel. Any ideas?

Jake June 05, 2019

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